Using Office 365’s Sharepoint to manage your OH&S

Many companies are now taking advantage of the power of Office 365’s Sharepoint to help streamline their Occupational Health and Safety processes. The importance of Occupational Health and Safety has grown significantly in recent years, as has the complexity of OH&S processes. To address the new level of difficulty managing and adapting to these changes,[…]

Remote Desktop User Experience (Terminal Server) – solving slow performance issues.

Summary Some companies and users experience performance problems in a Remote Desktop Environment (Terminal Server). One application which impact Remote Desktop Server’s processing appears to be Internet Explorer as websites are more graphical and cpu intensive than ever, at any given time it’s able to use up to 12% per Tab per user. Internet pages[…]

alltasksIT December 2015 – news and tips and tricks

Welcome Hi John, The alltasksIT December newsletter features information about the year that was in IT as well as the importance of Cyber Insurance.  Also, don’t forget to check out the tech tips and new products section!From the team @ alltasksIT…..Enjoy! 2015  Technology Recap Windows 10 Microsoft released its latest Operating System to consumers on July 29, 2015.[…]