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What does hybrid Cloud mean?

Traditionally, businesses stored their data on local servers, but these days more and more are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Cloud computing. Cloud computing refers to data being stored on remote servers, accessed via the Internet. Hybrid cloud computing is when your data is split between a mix of local and remote servers.

How can hybrid Cloud computing benefit my company?

To help us demonstrate the benefits of hybrid cloud computing, it’s probably best to lay out the positives of Cloud computing in general –


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Improved disaster recovery

Virtualisation can mean having your entire operating system, applications, patches and data available to transfer from one server to another server, vastly speeding up recovery times in comparison with traditional storage methods.

Automatic updates.

Rather than having to purchase and install updates for a variety of separate licences, updates will be installed automatically, direct to the application or server that you’re accessing.

Less capital expenses.

Less hardware required means less money being spent.

Work from anywhere.

With remote access to your company’s data possible, staff can work from any location with Internet access.


Being able to use applications on a pay-as-you-go access basis, rather than having to buy them outright, makes it more affordable for small to medium sized businesses to use the same tools as larger companies.

Environmentally friendly

Consolidating data on remote servers uses less energy than saving it on individual computers.


Despite the benefits of Cloud computing, there may be some factors that mean a company prefers to opt for the hybrid Cloud approach.



Downtime concerns

Using the Internet to access your data carries the advantages that we’ve just mentioned, but does put you at the mercy of your Internet connection. If it goes down, your ability to access and work with your data also goes down. Perhaps there are parts of your data that you would still prefer to have locally stored.

Security worries

At alltasksIT, we use the latest and most sophisticated security systems available, but we understand that sometimes clients still have fears. There may be some data that your company isn’t comfortable having stored on the Internet.

Opting for hybrid cloud computing can also be part of a staged approach towards full Cloud computing. This approach can provide both operational and cost benefits and may also save your business significant short-term downtime.

What do I do next?

alltasksIT is an established IT company based in Melbourne and is an accredited supplier to the Victorian government. We’re perfectly placed to help your company or organisation take its next step. To discuss the benefits that hybrid Cloud computing can bring, please contact us now to speak to our friendly and helpful team.


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