Disaster Recovery

Recover your information. Keep your business running.

It is one thing to invest in your business technology and infrastructure – or even in the Cloud – but have you considered how your business would cope if all of a sudden disaster struck?

Disaster recovery planning and testing is an essential part of any business, yet is often overlooked.

Although it may seem overwhelming and complex, disaster recovery can be a simple and easily executable process. alltasksIT can help you design and implement a disaster recovery plan for your business – whether or not you have a disaster recovery site, on premise, or in the Cloud.

Let us help you simplify and maximize your investment in disaster recovery.

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Business Continuity

Business continuity does not simply refer to what will happen at the time of disaster for your business, but to the activities your organisation puts in place on a daily basis to ensure you can recover. From daily backups to disaster recovery, business continuity planning is vital in ensuring you can continue to serve your customers and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Disaster Recovery Planning & Solutions

Not having a disaster recovery plan is a recipe for disaster. Having a plan in place that is reviewed on a regular basis gives you peace of mind in knowing that your company, customer and staff’s critical information is protected. alltasksIT can assist by offering appropriate Cloud, software and hardware solutions to ensure you are covered for any eventuality.

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Backup Solutions

Backups – whether on premise or in the Cloud – are vital to your business operations. They ensure your data is protected against accidental deletion, hardware failure, software corruptions and even malicious activity. alltasksIT considers a wide range of factors when designing the backup solution right for your business.

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Email Archiving

The reliance of an organisation on email can sometimes be underestimated. Microsoft Exchange is a standard tool in the majority of workplaces, but the maintenance, protection and archiving of emails can be a daunting task if left to get out of hand. alltasksIT can provide solutions for archiving your Cloud or on premise Exchange.

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