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alltasksIT provides a variety of services to IT Departments; from consulting, server room upgrades, relief staff, monitoring and maintenance to total IT outsourcing packages.


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Project Assist:

  • I need a Microsoft Exchange specialist for 2 weeks for my Exchange 2003 to 2010 migration
  • I need a VMware specialist for our physical to virtual migration
  • I need a storage specialist to install our new HP, IBM or Dell SAN
  • I need a backup specialist to assist with the new disaster recovery project
  • I need a desktop engineer to assist with our Windows 7 rollout
  • I need help installing and configuring our new firewall
  • We are using IP telephony and need our switches need re-configured

Support Assist:

  • My senior engineer is away on leave
  • I need help solving a Windows Server issue
  • My desktop engineer has just resigned and it may take me 6 weeks for a replacement – Help!!
  • I need help with managing Outlook signatures
  • How do I implement a Standard Operating Environment?
  • I need Pro-active server monitoring – making sure all systems are healthy
  • I need Backup monitoring & disaster recovery testing
  • I need Patch management


Product Selection and Consulting:

  • Storage(SAN), iSCSi or Fibre, SAS or SATA?
  • Which Hypervisor? VMware, Microsoft or Xen?
  • Licensing review: What Microsoft Licenses do I need and what are the best licensing options?
  • Server selection: What specifications do I need for my virtualisation project?
  • Which networking monitoring tool is best for my environment?
  • How do I secure my network?
  • How do I centralise my data?
  • How do I best give access to our new ERP software to all local and remote users?
  • What data links should I use? Private WAN, IPSEC, wireless, fibre, EOC, BDSL or ADSL??
  • What product do I use for mail archiving?
  • What type of switches do I need?
  • How about cloud?


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