Why outsourcing your IT monitoring and IT maintenance to alltasksIT is better than doing it yourself……

There are many advantages to outsourcing IT monitoring and IT maintenance, but perhaps the most important one is peace of mind. Let alltasksIT take care of those vital but tedious everyday jobs leaving you more time for business and project oriented tasks.

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10 technical minds are better than one: Get the benefits of a bigger IT department with alltasksIT

  • We constantly check alerts throughout all hours of the business day and after hours upon request. This allows for events such as a hard drive failure at 2pm to be acted upon when they happen, without waiting until the next morning.
  • Using our technicians to check alerts means you are never reliant upon the availability or the knowledge of one person. What happens when your IT staff are away due to illness or other leave?
  • Offline servers are checked at 7am or 24*7 so we can attempt boot up and have them up and running before your staff arrive.
  • We understand which events in the event logger are more critical than others.
  • Systems with high alerts are compared to other systems and reviewed to identify root cause.


We’ve invested in the technology: Take advantage of our network management software

  • Our system checks are far more comprehensive than is possible to manually complete in the same amount of time (comparison manual checks could take 10-20 hours to complete per week)
  • All checks and system alerts are documented using our sophisticated network management and job ticketing software so they can be followed up and not forgotten. Problem resolution is also logged which provides a useful source of reference for future issues which may arise.
  • Patch rollouts are staged instead of automatically installed across all servers. This reduces the risk of a “bad patch” crashing all servers.
  • Software deployment and updates for workstations can be scheduled. For example, Java, Flash, Adobe, iTunes, Chrome. This protects PC’s from vulnerabilities in old software, removes annoying requests for the user to update the software and allows local admin rights to be revoked from the users while still running up to date software.
  • Scheduled workstation optimisation after hours.
  • Performance monitoring across all server services.
  • Automatic server disk checks. These must be run after hours and potentially take the server offline for 30 plus mins
  • Service level monitoring. For example, if a single part of Exchange isn’t functioning, our monitoring tools can find the issue in seconds. This would normally require a technician to log into the server, investigate what systems aren’t functioning and find the offending services. Our systems will attempt to automatically repair the fault and raise an alert for further investigation if it fails to do so.

Sometimes things just don’t get done despite your best intentions: Let alltasksIT do it for you

  • We provide management reports that include information relevant to the health of your network.
  • Monitoring and alert management is available for most non-Microsoft equipment such as: Routers, Switches, UPS, NAS, ESX and archive solutions like Barracuda.
  • File Access control; protect any file on client machines from unauthorised access by a rogue application or user.
  • We can monitor and alert on VPN and wireless links.
  • Asset register provision including up to date specifications of all IT equipment supported by alltasksIT.


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