Kaspersky Endpoint Security plus Kaspersky as a service

Malware is becoming increasingly sophisticated and out-dated solutions are no longer sufficient to ensure your companies data and systems is protected. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business ADVANCED includes vulnerability scanning and patch management technologies – to help eradicate vulnerabilities within operating systems and application software.

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Signature-based, proactive and web-assisted protection

Preventing exploitation of vulnerabilities

Kaspersky’s vulnerability scanning and patch management features provide centralised control over the detection of application and OS vulnerabilities – and the prioritisation of application / OS patching

Encrypting data

Kaspersky’s data encryption technology can help to protect your sensitive business information – and your business reputation – in the event of data or devices falling into the wrong hands.

Enforce your IT security policies

Application Control, Device Control and Web Control features give your IT team granular control over which applications are able to run on your systems, which IT resources an application can access and how employees are permitted to use removable devices and the Internet.

Mobile Devices

By integrating mobile security and mobile device management (MDM), Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business ADVANCED delivers the protection and ease of management you need to let mobile devices access your systems and data, without introducing security risks for your business.

We offer Kaspersky as a service - Hosted Kaspersky in the cloud

Let us manage Kaspersky for you – we can offer the application as a service, we call also assist with installation and configuration.

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