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Exinda was started in 2002 and now are recognized for our innovation and service in WAN Optimization products and Network Control systems for mid-sized companies, education and government agencies.

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Reasons to Purchase WAN Optimization Solutions:

Application optimisation

  • CIFS File Sharing
  • Email , Web & FTP
  • Print
  • Database
  • Intranet
  • SharePoint

Bandwidth Optimisation

  • Reduced WAN Bandwidth
  • Avoid B/W Upgrades
  • Expand Small Links
  • Fill High B/W High Latency WANs
  • Prioritize Traffic
  • Protect Critical Apps
  • Limit Non Critical Apps


Site consolidation

  • File Servers
  • Email Servers
  • Virtualization
  • Storage
  • Tape Backups
  • Branch Services

Disaster Recovery

  • Recovery Time Objective
  • Recovery Point Objective
  • Remote Site Backup
  • Server Replication
  • SAN Replication
  • VM Replication
  • Online backup


What does Edge Cache do?

Edge cache stores or caches objects requested from the WAN or Internet. All subsequent requests of that object are served from the cache, eliminating the need for that object to be requested from the remote host across the WAN or Internet. The object is served to the requesting host at LAN speeds from the cache, and the WAN/Internet traffic that would have been generated by the request is eliminated.


How does Edge Cache work?

  • Exinda Edge Cache is single-sided, meaning it functions independently on one Exinda appliance and does not need to coordinate with an appliance at another site – as is true with WAN Memory and L4 and L7 Optimization.
  • Exinda Edge Cache transparently intercepts WAN/Internet requests. If the object is in the cache, the request is served from the cache. Otherwise, Edge Cache will get the object from the remote host, store it in the cache and serve it to the requesting host.
  • Exinda Edge Cache is fully integrated with Exinda Optimizer policies. All the capability of our policy control and scheduling is available to classify and direct traffic to the Edge Cache.


Key Benefits

  • Accelerate Content Delivery, Increase Performance
  • Increased performance directly improves the end-user’s experience
  • Reduce Bandwidth Use and Costs
  • A reduction in bandwidth equals a reduction in costs
  • Increased capacity for other important application traffic
  • Eliminates the need for traffic to traverse the WAN/Internet


What is Enhanced Network Health Alerting?

  • Ability to generate alerts based on Application Performance Metrics
  • Round trip time – time to travel from a device, across the network, and return
  • Transaction delay – total time for a transaction (network + server)
  • Network delay – time for data to traverse the network
  • Server delay – time taken for a server to respond to a request
  • Bytes lost – Bytes lost due to retransmissions
  • TCP connections started – number of TCP connections initiated
  • TCP connections aborted – a TCP connection reset after being established
  • TCP connections ignored – a TCP connection that expires, no response from server
  • TCP connections refused – a TCP connection that was reset before being established


How does Enhanced Network Health Alerting work?

  • An APM Object (Application Performance Metric) is created
  • An email and/or SNMP Trap is sent if the threshold is exceeded for the specified length of time.
  • The APM Object is configurable
  • Metric to be measured
  • Application traffic to be monitored
  • Internal and external network filters
  • Metric Threshold and Alert Trigger delay


How alltasksIT can help?

  • WAN audit
  • Proof of concept
  • Consulting
  • Product Selection
  • Exinda Installation and Support


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