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Outside of the IT team, a server room is often a business’ largest IT investment. The right type of infrastructure – from servers and storage, to virtualisation platforms and technology – can make all the difference to ensuring this investment produces a return on investment for your organisation.

Performance and scalability is the key when selecting the IT infrastructure for your business. This is the primary reason that virtualisation, on both the server and storage side, has had an enormous impact on the information technology industry in recent years.

Through the power of virtualisation, companies are seeing sizeable changes in the floor space and power that their server rooms require, as well as how their applications are delivered.

alltasksIT provide the technology, tools and expertise to optimise your datacentre investment.



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Server Solutions

Servers essentially serve your business. They provide the computing and processing power that drives the performance of your organisation, as well as a platform for virtualisation. Let alltasksIT help you find out what type of server, processors and other server technology are right for your business needs.



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Server rooms are no longer full of physical server hardware; the modern datacentre embraces virtualisation. It significantly increases an organisation’s flexibility and ability to react to changing market demands, whilst reducing both capital and operational costs. Virtualisation has changed the IT world forever.  We are now also seeing Virtualisation for the Storage layer.



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Storage Solutions

Best of breed Storage Area Networks are designed to protect your data and business operations – with multiple power supplies, motherboards, processors and other hardware. Every server room needs an appropriate storage solution, whether a SAN or a NAS. Sizing up your data storage requirements and planning for the future is integral to any functional storage solution – alltasksIT can help you do this.


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Project Scoping & Consulting

Let alltasksIT take the stress out of the planning, design and implementation of your next server, storage or virtualisation project. Our team of engineers and project managers will ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.




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