IBM Storwise V3700


As the newest addition to the IBM® Storwize® family of disk products, and built on IBM Storwize innovative technology, Storwize V3700 is designed to address the block storage requirements of small and midsize organizations while providing innovative management, performance optimization, storage efficiency and data-protection capabilities at an affordable cost.


IBM Storwize V3700 provides a simple and affordable storage solution

Solution capabilities
  • Point-and-click management capabilities with an easy-to-use, embedded graphical user interface
  • Thin-provisioning capabilities at no extra cost, allocating the amount of space needed at the time it is required
Solution Overview
  • Efficient by design
  • Self-optimizing
  • Cloud-agile


Efficient by Design
  • Intuitive user interface based on the breakthrough Storwize family user interface
  • Internal virtualization helps users quickly respond to changing requirements
  • Integrated FlashCopy protects data without wasting space


  • Cost effectively optimize performance deploying SSDs with Easy Tier technology1
  • High performance in an entry system
  • Thin provisioning to save space while maintaining performance


  • Start small and grow easily
  • Nondisruptive migration included in base price
  • Built-in support for OpenStack compute cloud environments
  • Integrated and nondisruptive migration to help speed implementation while minimizing interruptions
  • Sophisticated data protection with IBM FlashCopy® technology
  • Optional licensed functions such as remote mirroring and IBM System Storage® Easy Tier®

Why IBM?

IBM provides proven storage solutions that feature innovative technologies, open standards, excellent performance and storage software. Storage offerings for small and midsize organizations are designed to be easy to buy, deploy and manage. With IBM, organizations can create a more flexible, robust and resilient IT infrastructure that can support critical business operations.



  • iSCSI
  • SAS
  • Fibre


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