Melbourne IT specialists alltasksIT bring you the lowdown on virtualisation and the positive effects it can have on your company’s efficiency levels.


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What are the IT issues facing small to medium companies?

In business, efficiency is everything. You can’t afford to be wasting time and you can’t afford to be wasting money either. So often computer systems are responsible for doing both of those things. The more hardware you have on your company premises, the more energy you’re using, the more space you’re taking up and the more things you’re responsible for the upkeep of. It also means more items that can develop a fault, potentially taking files and applications with them. Thankfully, your company no longer has to remain vulnerable to any of these situations. Virtualisation offers a way out of all of these potential difficulties.



What is Virtualisation?

Let’s try to make this simple. You know the difference between downloading a song or movie and simply streaming it, right? When you’re streaming, you don’t physically have the file in your computer and it’s not taking up storage space. Now imagine that rather than having a file stored remotely and simply accessing it that way, you could have a hardware platform, operating system, storage device or network resources all accessible as ‘virtual versions’.

Everything you need can be centralised rather being broken up via different servers and different individual computers. With virtualisation, joined-up thinking can become more than just a buzz phrase for your company.


Why opt for Virtualisation?

Energy Efficiency

Less is actually being stored on your computer itself so it’s not having to work so hard and less energy is being used.

Multiple OS

You can run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer. This means, for instance, that if you have a Mac but wish to use a Windows operating system, you only need to install a virtual box and then install Windows on that box.

Reduce Servers and Costs

Using virtualisation drastically reduces the number of servers, meaning you can save money on IT maintenance. (Customers using the VMware virtualisation model that we offer typically save around 50-70% on their overall IT costs)

Less Downtime

Connect your office server for virtualisation. If one server fails then all the instances on that server will automatically migrate to the other servers.



Greater utilisation of each server.



Am I ready for Virtualisation?

Here’s a simple checklist. Do you…

Want to achieve greater energy efficiency within your company?
Want to improve the disaster recovery solutions open to your company?
Want to save money on IT bills?

Have you answered yes to these questions? Then you’re ready for virtualisation

How can alltasksIT help?

We are an established Melbourne IT company and have been providing IT solutions to organisations operating across a wide range of industries for nearly 20 years. We specialise in managing virtualisation projects, using automated data centres built on VMware virtualisation platforms.

How can alltasksIT help?

Our team are professional, friendly and take an energetic approach to providing assistance and support tailored to suit the individual requirements of your company. We are also an accredited supplier to the Victorian government.

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