How exchange email differs from POP?

Exchange and Post office Protocol (POP) are two different email storage systems. While POP was extensively utilised in the 1980’s, the vast majority of businesses today utilise Exchange to store and access emails. Microsoft Exchange comes in various models to suit small business, all the way up to the largest of enterprises. POP enables simple[…]

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is a method of data backup which involves sending business information over a network connection, to a remote offsite server managed by a service provider.  The process is handled by software which transfers data between the business, and cloud providers data centre. Usually a complete copy of a business’s data is sent to[…]

What is the difference between a NAS and SAN storage Device?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) are two different storage devices with alternate methods of storage utilisation. The main difference between NAS and SAN solutions is method of information transfer. NAS devices enable file level access to stored data. The management of the file system is handled by the NAS device. SAN[…]