The Three Cloud Computing Service delivery models

Cloud computing is a computing model which enables businesses outsource to the management of data and applications to a service provider. The service provider hosts servers in a purpose built datacentre. The client can access computing resources as required, on demand, over a network connection. The result is an increase in scalability and a reduced[…]

Tape vs. Online Backup

  Tape vs. Online Backup Recent advancements in network speeds within Australia, have seen a large increase in the number of organisations moving from tape to online backup. Improved broadband capabilities have reduced the previously lengthy backup window associated with online backup. Where historically backup windows for tape based backup were shorter than online, the[…]

Did you know: Windows Server 2012 R2 has a deduplication function?

Data deduplication is a data compression method for the removal of duplicate files. The process reduces the amount of storage space required within an organisations server. Purchasing deduplication software and hardware can be expensive. Conveniently Windows Server 2012 R2 natively has built-in deduplication functionality. Windows Server 2012 R2 deduplication is only available on files on[…]

The Importance of Computer Backup

Backup is a critical yet often neglected facet of IT. Backups allow an organisations computer systems to resume operation in the event of a disaster such as: fire, theft, power loss, war, human error or computer virus. While retrieving data off a failed hard-drive is possible in some instances, it is a time consuming, costly,[…]

Writing a Disaster Recovery Plan

  The only way to effectively recover from an IT disaster is to have a detailed plan in place. Firstly because disaster recovery requires preparative procedures carried out on a regular basis, and secondly because the last thing you need in a disaster is to come up with solutions on the fly.   But where[…]

5 of the World’s Biggest IT Catastrophes

When we hear the word ‘catastrophe’ we usually think of natural disasters that can have devastating consequences on people’s lives. However, there are other sorts of catastrophes that may lead to massive financial expenses for companies and organisations. We’re talking IT disasters. Here’s a list of five major ones that cost the parties involved billions[…]