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Server Hosting

Why should you consider managed server hosting?

As your business moves towards having its data and applications hosted in the Cloud, it’s important to consider how the applications you use, and your overall Cloud infrastructure, will be supported.

After all, your servers are the lifeblood of your business. We have a team of engineers who work around the clock to ensure that any problems are dealt with before they can do serious harm to your company.

What does our managed server hosting involve?

Virtual Server rental tailored to suit your needs:

  • Number of virtual cores
  • Ram
  • Disk Space
  • High Availability
  • Windows Server OS

Physical Server Rental – IAAS – Infrastructure as a service.

  • Single or Dual Socket
  • 4-18 core processors
  • Ram sized to suit your needs.
  • Local disk or shared storage.

Other Services we offer

  • Backups & DR
  • Data & Firewalls
  • Managed Services

How can you ensure you get the support you need?

Among other aspects of our managed hosting service, we monitor the following factors –
  • Server health
  • Storage availability
  • Event logs
  • Running status of applications
  • Backups
  • Security updates
  • Mail archive
alltasksIT is based in Melbourne and is a company hugely experienced in all matters relating to servers and server management. Our enthusiastic and professional team are ready to discuss the needs of your company or organisation and how we can fulfil them. To find out more, please contact us now.

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