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Disaster Recovery Planning Solutions

What if something goes wrong?

That’s the question we always ask ourselves, but with the help of alltasksIT it’s one that doesn’t need to be daunting for your company or organisation. Disaster recovery can be a simple and easily put-in-place process, assuming that you have the right advice, assistance and expertise available to you. This is where alltasksIT can help your company or organisation.

What do we mean by disaster recovery planning?

To help you envisage the kind of structures that we can assist you in setting up, we’ve put together this diagram giving an example. Please use it as a guide only and contact us for a plan fully tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

What can we offer?



We’ll assess your critical servers and the impact on your business that would be caused by data loss or down-time.


Appropriate backup software will take full system images weekly, with incremental backups taken either every 15 minutes, hourly or daily. The software will be configured to retain up to 2 months of backups.

Backup local and offsite

Backups targeted to a local NAS/PC backup device, which is in turn backed up to USB hard drives or ideally replicated to our data centre.

Archive Copy

Additional monthly USB backup, stored offsite. Also, optional EOF yearly USB backup.

Management and monitoring

Daily monitoring of the backup solution. Any backup or server failure will result in us being notified and action being taken to remedy it.

What eventualities can our planning help you to deal with?


Server theft or major physical damage

In either event, we should be able to restore a fully operational state within 24 hours. (Please note, we will lose data changes made since the last backup was copied to the offsite drive or local NAS, so potentially up to 24 hours)

On server host failure (if shared storage is available)

If one server fails, we can immediately start the servers onto the 2nd host. Once the server vendor has repaired the failed host we can move back the virtual servers.

Data loss, such as a user deleting files or data corruption occurring

We can restore files from the most recent backup (data changes since that backup may be lost – potentially up to 24 hours).

Office fire damaging equipment and leaving office inaccessible

We can restore the server onto alternative hardware. In the event of damage to desktops etc, added time will be required to source, supply and re-configure all desktops, printers, scanners and applications. If the office is inaccessible we will need to find an offsite location to house the servers and associated equipment and staff. (data changes since that backup may be lost – potentially up to 24 hours)

What additional measures do we recommend?

Designed for businesses with 1 to 10 staff with basic requirements.

1. Introduce automatic backup to an offsite location to reduce the amount of data lost in the event of a disaster (ideally, located in same state).

2. Organise disaster recovery servers (ideally, at same offsite location to reduce amount of down-time).

3. Organise an offsite location where staff can operate from or utilise employees’ homes and VPN/remote access technology.

4. Put in place a disaster recovery strategy plan for your phone systems to allow you to remain in contact.

5. Introduce a mail archive solution to protect every email sent or received by your organisation.

6. Keep your disaster recovery plan updated.

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