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Network Firewalls

What is a firewall?

You know that a firewall protects your computer network and you know that it’s crucial to your company or organisation’s continued functioning, but let us run you through some more of the basics to ensure that you have a clear picture. Basically, a firewall establishes a barrier between the network that you know and trust (your own) and another network that you don’t necessarily trust (the Internet). Of course, you have to be able to connect to the Internet and to share and access information via it, so the firewall is set up to allow a safe interaction between the two.

What do firewalls protect against?

Malicious hacking and industrial espionage

Malicious hacking and industrial espionage are unfortunately all too real. A good firewall system is essential in protecting your organisation from the threats posed by hackers.

Viruses entering your network

As with hacking, sadly, viruses and worms set up with malicious intent are another reality. With no firewall, your network could be exposed to viruses as a result of visiting affected websites or opening emails carrying a virus.

Viruses being sent out from your network

Trust is key in any business and the relationship between your organisation and your clients is sacred. Damaging it by sending out traffic created by a virus infecting your network is a risk that you simply cannot afford to take.

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