AllTasksIT Password Security
and Active Directory
Audit tool

I want to share with you an exciting new tool, developed by alltasksIT, that will enable us to generate a Password Security Audit and an Active Directory Audit.

From a high-level, you will quickly identify and verify which of your current AD users have had their credentials compromised. Our tool can securely cross-reference Usernames and Passwords against an encrypted database of known compromised credentials. With this information you can immediately target which employees need to change their password(s) and for you to take the necessary steps to protect your network.

alltasksIT expert IT security solutions are here so you can rest easy.

Access your Password Security Audit and Active Directory Security reports now.

Be proactive and identify weaknesses in your security compliance early on. Stay on top of risks by gaining periodic insights – monthly, quarterly – or as needed. These reports will give you the advantage you need whilst gaining other valuable insights:

Password Security Audit Report

Easily identify which users, VIP, and key stakeholders have had their current login credentials compromised: verified against over 80 million easily accessible user credentials.

  • Business friendly dashboard reveals a quick snapshot of:
    • Breached and non-breached user credentials
    • Users with non-securely stored passwords
    • Passwords using outdated encryption methods
    • Shared User Credentials and Service Accounts using the same password
  • The interactive web-based reports make it easy to analyse information and to mitigate risks

Active Directory Security Report

Instantly view and analyse the permissions over AD objects, along with a detailed security assessment of your Windows network infrastructure:

  • Identify all active and disabled domain and enterprise user accounts
  • List all groups and members within a group structure
  • Identify organisation units with deletion Protection
  • Generate a list of computers using outdated Operating Systems to ascertain the risks and vulnerabilities being posed to your network
  • Business friendly interactive dashboard provides a quick insight on objects and users in your organisation

Here are examples of both the Password Security and Active Directory Security Reports—from a Sample Active directory database—for you to view.

Every report we have run has been of great benefit for our customers. We would like to help you too. Please let me know when a good time would be to talk about these reports or to answer any questions you may have.

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