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alltasksIT provide the technology, tools and expertise to optimise your datacentre investment.

Make the most of your Servers and Storage budget.

Outside of the IT team, a server room is often a business’ largest IT investment. The right type of infrastructure – from servers and storage, to virtualisation platforms and technology – can make all the difference to ensuring this investment produces a return on investment for your organisation.

Performance and scalability is the key when selecting the IT infrastructure for your business. This is the primary reason that virtualisation, on both the server and storage side, has had an enormous impact on the information technology industry in recent years.

Through the power of virtualisation, companies are seeing sizeable changes in the floor space and power that their server rooms require, as well as how their applications are delivered.

alltasksIT provide the technology, tools and expertise to optimise your datacentre investment.

More about Servers and Storage

Here are just a few ways alltasksIT can work with you to provide the most effective, secure and efficient servers and storage to suit your company's budget.

Server Solutions

Servers essentially serve your business. They provide the computing and processing power that drives the performance of your organisation, as well as a platform for virtualisation. Let alltasksIT help you find out what type of server, processors and other server technology are right for your business needs.

Storage Solutions

Ever-accumulating amounts of data are part of the reality of being in business these days. Your company’s files, emails, databases and application data are all crucial and all require storage. AlltasksIT are experts in providing companies with quality, personalised storage solutions which reflect your company’s needs perfectly.

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