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to turn ideas
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Empowering business users to gain more from Microsoft Office Teams

Microsoft Office Teams has the potential to deliver enormous gains in productivity and efficiency for your business. The scale and degree of benefits to your organisation can be largely influenced by the successful adoption within your workforce.

Getting the most from your investment however, isn’t just about successful implementation.

How to setup your Teams Rooms for Microsoft Teams meetings.

alltasksIT Teams training will optimise the return on your investment by:

  • Improved technology deployment and project success
  • Improved business adoption and user engagement
  • Increased user effectiveness, productivity and satisfaction
  • Guidance and direction of best practices implementation
  • Reduced Helpdesk support costs

What to expect from our training

Our blended training program offers a combination of support and guidance both before and after the training event. alltasksIT training services can be tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. We will work collaboratively with you to develop training scenarios that are relevant to your business and share post-training videos to reinforce concepts.

Employees who use social messaging tools internally can see as much as a 35% reduction in time spent searching for company information.1

1 “The Social Economy,” 2012, McKinsey Global Institute.

What you will learn

Introduction to Teams
alltasksIT Teams training will optimise the return on your investment by understanding:
  • What is it? What can it do for me and my teams?
  • Features and benefits of collaborative workspaces
  • Advantages of using Teams – how to save money, time and reduce your email

Structural elements

  • Teams –people, content and tools for different projects
  • Channels – efficiently organised and open communication
When and how to use:
  • Activity – My activity and teams
  • Chat – why use
  • Teams – membership and features
  • Meetings - Schedule Voice and Video Meetings
  • Calendars – Quick-glance of agenda and upcoming events
  • File – integrating and editing files within Office 365
  • Search – conversations, folders and files
  • Customising Teams – Tips and tricks for frequently used commands
  • Profiles – your status, notifications and staff availability

IT personnel
We also train and support your in-house IT personnel to facilitate successful user adoption and effective organisational change management.

Personnel Training

Teams deployment and staff training is delivered by a Microsoft Certified Adoption Specialists



  • Introduction to Teams workshop
  • Teamwork assessment
  • Deployment roadmap
  • Teams champions workshop
  • Champions team refence guide


  • All of Basic Package
  • Champions Team refence guide
  • Train and onboard champions (pilot group)
  • Configure Teams security
  • Launch e-mail templates and posters
  • In-person training sessions
  • 4 x follow up tips & tricks e-mails
  • 3 x monthly adoption reviews


  • All of Standard Package
  • Asses business readiness
  • IT helpdesk readiness training
  • IT helpdesk readiness documentation
  • Feedback survey templates
  • 2 levels of training for basic and advanced staff
  • Recorded training sessions
  • monthly follow up webinars
  • 6 x monthly adoption reviews


  • All of Good Package
  • Deep teamwork assessment
  • Identify and document business scenarios
  • Define success criteria for measurable outcomes
  • Measure success of the training
  • Develop and launch awareness campaign with live events pre and post training
  • Weekly snackable 5 minute webinars
  • Develop an online custom training portal
  • Collect and analyse feedback
  • 12 months monitoring of end user usage and adoption

Want to know a little more? Have a friendly alltasksIT staff member contact you.