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Trends come and go, but revolutions stand the test of time. The Cloud is here to stay, and now is the time to start your journey into this technology.

“Cloud Computing” refers generally to the delivery of hosted services over the Internet and encompasses an almost endless set of business possibilities: from server and file hosting to application hosting and end user computing. It has begun, and will continue to transform how organisations do business. The Cloud enables business to become more flexible and mobile and helps to relinquish some of the burden of IT systems’ management.

alltasksIT’s @Cloud Solutions can help your business transition to the Cloud – whether it be your entire IT operations (if suitable) or in a staged, or hybrid mode – with management and support offerings to ensure your users and business remain productive.

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Hosted Exchange & Applications

Managing internal Microsoft Exchange servers can be a time consuming and expensive task.

alltasksIT can both host and manage your Exchange – or simply host for a low per-user per-month cost. Also talk to us about hosted applications such as LYNC and SharePoint.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is the “here and now” of Cloud computing for the majority of businesses. As large organisations contend with significant amounts of data and applications, a staged approach to moving your entire business to the Cloud can provide both operational and cost benefits, as well as saving your business significant short-term downtime.

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Managed Server Hosting

As your business moves to the Cloud, you need to consider how your applications and Cloud infrastructure will be supported.

alltasksIT are experts in provisioning, monitoring, supporting and managing your Microsoft server platforms, both on premise and in the Cloud.

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Backup to the Cloud

Moving your back-ups offsite can offer several business advantages, from reducing human intervention and error to ensuring your data is safe and stored at a remote location. alltasksIT can securely back up and store your critical business data offsite and in the Cloud for a fixed monthly fee.


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