About us

alltasksIT is an established Victorian IT company operating since 1989. We are a systems integrator – implementing hardware, software and support solutions for both SMBs and large corporations.

Our vision is to create a ‘Positive Maintenance and Support Experience’ for each of our clients. We are confident of our success given that we are the trusted IT supplier of choice for our most loyal customers of over 28 years.

Advanced solutions – Leading IT transformation and change

At alltasksIT we heavily invest in resources, assets, and people, especially in new and emerging technologies, including: virtualisation, cloud storage, private data centre infrastructure solutions, mobile computing and network security integration and compliance and optimisation.

As our current customer base consists of customers of varying size and from different industries – all with individual requirements – the necessity to stay abreast of new technology as well as be knowledgeable regarding older technology is vital.

Our other services include

Managed services

Network installation, optimisation, maintenance and support

Microsoft 365

Hardware installation and repairs

IT Support

Digital Transformation

Mobile Computing

IT Security

Hardware & Software

Advisory & Consulting

Microsoft Azure and Private Cloud

IT Risk Management

Our partners

We make the complex simple

Our team can design a comprehensive range of IT solutions and implement a wide range of projects – tailored to your specific requirements. We can support you in designing agile, innovative workspaces using new and emerging technologies – creatively embracing change to achieve your best practical outcomes.

Our managed service plans can simplify the complex, ever-changing IT landscape. You can enjoy up to-date technologies where you can be inspired to harness innovative solutions to drive your business into the future.


Servers & storage

Ensure your server room gives you a true ROI

Business continuity

Your systems and servers are monitored around the clock – 24/7 – when partnering with our managed IT services. alltasksIT provide network monitoring, management, and security – giving you peace of mind and business continuity.

Focus on what’s important to your business

You can focus on nurturing your business without the need to recruit and train IT personnel as you grow. Our managed IT services provide cost-effective solutions and resources to optimise and maintain the IT needs of your business.

An alltasksIT Chief Information Officer can be engaged to serve as your Virtual CIO or to provide support to your existing internal Head of IT. We have the capability and vast experience to strategically align your business objectives to your IT needs at the fraction of the cost of a full time CIO.

Experienced IT professionals

We have a team of 30 full time staff with a wide range of IT knowledge and expertise. Our Technical Team is accredited and certified in wide range of technical services.

We provide a turnkey solution and are experienced in building, improving and enhancing network and system infrastructure. We also provide ongoing server and network monitoring, proactive and preventative maintenance and onsite and remote support to a large number of businesses in Victoria and interstate.

This is to certify that alltasksIT continues to be one of the leading firms in the Managed IT Support Provider industry, having achieved the following scores as gathered by Client Heartbeat, an independent survey tool for service based businesses. These results were gathered across alltasksIT’s entire customer base (August 2022).

client heartbeat result thumbnail


We believe the best lessons come from actual experience. During the last 20 years, our people at alltasksIT have learnt from over 100,000 different types of on-the-job scenarios. These experiences and wealth of knowledge have remained within our professional team of reliable, loyal, passionate IT people.

At alltasksIT we proudly employ only local Australian talent

We employ a fulltime team of 30+ IT service specialists with a wide range of knowledge and expertise. We value our loyal employees, in fact, most of our team have been with alltasksIT for over 10 years.
Our experience and wealth of knowledge have remained within our professional team of reliable, loyal, passionate IT people.

Cost effective and value for money

We work collaboratively with our clients so we can deliver vendor agnostic solutions that can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and streamline operations.

You can control what you spend and avoid unexpected IT expenses with our fixed price managed services. We have plans that give you choices to realistically budget your IT support costs based on your unique needs.

Reliable and secure

Our team of experts have extensive experience in providing flexible, tailored, quality solutions for any business, including these sectors: Government, Education, Transport, Health, Financial Services Industry (FSI) and Retail. 

We work in partnership with our customers, designing and developing niche solutions that can meet specific IT requirements. 

You can depend on efficient, timely IT integration and server solutions at all levels and phases, from inception to implementation, installation, management, and repair whilst protecting your valuable data.

Accreditation and assurance

alltasksIT is an accredited supplier to the Victorian Government. We have the following accreditation and can provide you with assurances:

Victorian Government Services & Security

  • Registered Government – IT E-Services supplier
  • Secure IT Supplier (Software, Licensing, Hardware, Cloud)

NextDC M1 Certified Data centre

Want to know more? Have a friendly alltasksIT staff member contact you.