Modern Workplace Services

Connecting people, innovating processes and proactive security

At alltasksIT, we provide a range of cutting-edge IT services designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in today's digital landscape.

alltasksIT provides modern workplace IT services that can help your business stay competitive and efficient in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our services are designed to be flexible, scalable, and cost-effective, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while leaving the IT to the experts.

Our Modern Workplace services include:

Cloud-based technology

Collaboration tools

Mobile device management

Advance security measures

Virtual desktop infrastructure

Training and support

Revolutionising the workplace: how modern IT solutions resolve pain points and deliver game-changing benefits

alltasksIT transforms organisations into modern workplaces to overcome traditional hurdles. Modern workplace solutions can help businesses become more efficient, productive, and competitive in their industry. By implementing alltasksIT’s modern workplace solutions, businesses can adapt to the changing needs of their customers and employees while improving their bottom line.

Flexible work locations

Our technology expertise enables remote work and productivity on the devices of your choosing. We offer a curated suite of programs with sophisticated capabilities for modern workplaces.


By providing tools that facilitate collaboration and communication among team members, a modern workplace can help to build a more cohesive and efficient team.

Cost savings

By implementing a modern workplace, organisations can often reduce costs associated with traditional office infrastructure, such as on-premises servers and hardware maintenance.

Employee satisfaction

By providing employees with the tools and resources they need to work efficiently and effectively, a modern workplace can improve job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.

Security for data and other assets

Modern workplace implementation services include robust security measures to protect sensitive data, ensuring that the organisation is compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Customer satisfaction

By addressing modern workplace pain points, companies can improve their ability to provide quality customer service, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and retention.

We modernise ways to do business

alltasksIT provides a range of digital products and services to improve your organisation’s efficiency. We advise on how you can save time, share information, protect your data and improve customer experiences. Our technicians implement the practical tactics to make it a reality. 

Mobile device management

Cloud-based technology


Training and support

Advanced security measures

Virtual desktop infrastructure


Revolutionising collaboration and communication: A modern workplace transformation for Mushroom Group

Mushroom Group, a leading entertainment industry institution in Australia and New Zealand, was faced with the challenge of communication and collaboration complexities due to the siloed data of its 35+ specialist brands and companies spread across multiple states and countries. The group needed a streamlined IT solution to improve staff productivity, collaboration, and cross-departmental benefits.

To resolve these issues, alltasksIT, deployed and optimised the use of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power BI, Power Automate, and the Office 365 suite to achieve Mushroom Group’s vision of a streamlined, collaborative operation without limitations of borders and silos. The solution enabled secure collaboration anywhere, at any time, on any device with data seamlessly accessible between the groups.

Mushroom has relied on allTasksIT for external network support, development and assisted project management since 2010. They’ve offered us solutions and certainty. We make a great team.

Frequently Asked Questions

A modern workplace uses digital collaboration, processes, solutions and integration. The organisation innovates with new ways of working to achieve goals. 

A modern workplace can become more collaborative, productive, efficient and profitable. The associated practices and tools can help staff to work together from anywhere. A business should transition to become a modern workplace so it can achieve more in the future.

Organisations can protect the security of data in a modern workplace through IT security methods such as cyber security software and interactive memorable staff training. Human error is a major cause of data breaches. Therefore, all staff need to become aware of security issues and methods.

Microsoft facilitates a modern workplace by providing applications including Exchange, SharePoint, Teams and OneNote. Exchange helps organisations to collaborate on documents and have a focused inbox. SharePoint allows collaboration, especially when integrated with Microsoft Office. Microsoft Teams has a range of tools for better calls and team meetings. OneNote helps for notetaking in the modern world. 

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