Our story

We believe you learn from your experiences. During the last 20 years, alltasksIT has had over 100,000 of these.

It started with a Commodore Vic 20

John Koziaris, founder of alltasksIT, is excited by technology and always has been. It’s all he ever wanted to do since he laid hands on a Commodore Vic 20.

John began his career in IT as an IBM mainframe computer programmer n 1986

During this time he took note of the shift away from mainframes and the growing prevalence of the personal computer in the workplace.

He saw the opportunity for the servicing and repair of these PC’s and their peripherals.

A mobile and a garage

Armed with a mobile phone (the size and weight of a brick), a garage loaned by supportive parents and an ad in the Yellow Pages, John started “All-Tasks Computer Services”.

Our first customer

An early customer, Ridge Tool, wanting to buy a PC from John (in the days when they cost $10,000) prompted the search for a hardware company to partner with. As he was rejected by Olivetti Personal Computers (remember the typewriter?), Vinnie from Footscray seemed like a good second choice. Today, alltasksIT partners with some of the biggest IT vendors and distributors in the world.

The birth of the PC

The birth of the Windows PC meant Microsoft became an early partner. The importance of this partnership has grown steadily over time. Other partnerships formed over the years include IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell, VMware, SonicWall and Citrix.

Times have changed

General protection fault errors, monitor repairs and the running of coax cables in offices built in the 1940s are all memories of what now seems to be a very different time in IT history. In the virtual world of today, we often fix problems on things that can’t be touched.

Steady growth

Steady growth

All-Tasks Computer Services experienced steady growth over time, slowly adding team members – hardworking, loyal, IT passionate people – some of whom have now been with the company for many years. A growing team needed to be housed so, several locations later, alltasksIT’s head office has been proudly located in the heart of Melbourne’s industrial west since 2001.

Great customers

This growth has of course been facilitated by great customers. Some of these companies were attracted by our Western Suburbs roots – we owe thanks to many transport, chemical and manufacturing clients who have used our services over the years – and others by our prompt service. Today, with an office in Melbourne’s CBD and another base in Sydney, our customer base consists of businesses from varying industries and includes some of Australia’s household names.