Advisory and Consulting Services

Expert advisory and consulting services for businesses of all sizes

alltasksIT offers comprehensive IT advisory and consulting services designed to help businesses in Australia optimise their systems and achieve their strategic objectives.

Our team of experts offers a range of solutions, such as IT strategy, cybersecurity, cloud computing, disaster recovery, and anything else influenced by technology. With our technical expertise and collaborative approach, we can identify and guide you to the best solution for your unique needs. alltasksIT is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and support, available 24/7.

So if you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you navigate the complex world of IT, look no further than alltasksIT.


Business and IT alignment: We align IT strategy with business objectives for success.


IT infrastructure management: Guidance on optimising infrastructure for performance and cost savings.


Cyber security and risk management: Assess and manage risks, protect against cyber threats.


Cloud solutions: Migrate to scalable, flexible cloud-based solutions.


Digital transformation: Transform digital capabilities for modern customers and employees.

Expert advice tailored to your business’ needs

alltasksIT recognises that every business has its own set of challenges, goals, and unique circumstances that require personalised attention. By working closely with each client, alltasks is able to gain a deep understanding of business objectives, pain points, and strategic priorities.

Improved operational efficiency

alltasksIT advisory and consulting services can help businesses streamline their processes and optimise their operations, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Cost reduction

By providing customised solutions, alltasksIT can help businesses identify areas where they can reduce costs, such as by optimising their technology infrastructure or procurement processes or even automating tedious and time consuming manual tasks.

Increased profitability

alltasksIT services are designed to help businesses improve their bottom line by increasing efficiency to empower our clients to achieve more with less. We are also experts in building IT-fueled strategies to achieve growth and increase profitability.

Expertise on demand

alltasksIT provides on-demand expertise in various areas of technology to help you solve complex technical issues, recommend solutions aligned with your goals, and keep you up-to-date with industry trends, without the cost of hiring an in-house team.

Risk reduction

We identify risks and vulnerabilities in your IT systems and recommend solutions to mitigate them. Our cyber security expertise helps implement measures to protect data and prevent cyber-attacks.


alltasksIT offers scalable IT operations and adaptable strategies to support your growth and profitability. We provide guidance on adopting new technologies as needed.

Our consulting services include:

Cyber security services

Cloud solutions

Managed IT services

Network infrastructure
design and management

IT strategy development
and planning

IT project management


alltasksIT advisors transformed the Mushroom Group with innovative technology

alltasksIT provided advisory and consulting services to the Mushroom Group, a leading music industry organisation with multiple brands across various locations. By deploying Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power BI, Power Automate, and Office 365, we helped the Mushroom Group streamline collaboration and communication. Our team also provided training workshops to ensure the group made the most of this technology. The transformation began with a vision of creating a modern workplace that would unite the various companies under the Mushroom Group umbrella.

Mushroom has relied on alltasksIT for external network support, development and assisted project management since 2010. They’ve offered us solutions and certainty. We make a great team.

Frequently Asked Questions

IT advisory services identify what a business needs to succeed and reach goals. Tactical IT advice details the technological implementation plans that will make things happen. 

IT consulting services recommend ways to achieve business goals by improving IT processes in an organisation. IT consultants suggest better ways to use software and hardware so a business can become more cost-effective and aim to be more profitable.  

You can benefit from outsourcing to an alltasksIT consultant because you can gain further insights and save costs. Instead of hiring full-time staff, turn to the experts at alltasksIT. Skip the costly, time-consuming recruitment process. Your business will benefit from the diverse knowledge of a consultant who works with various industries and products.

You need an IT consultant to improve your business’s technology, become more efficient, create better value and transform these improvements into profitability. Repetitive manual tasks, slow, outdated technology, decentralised data and geographic constraints could slow down your organisation. An IT consultant provides solutions to these problems. 

You should hire an IT consultant when you have a temporary project that would consume too much time for existing staff. This approach is quicker and more affordable than hiring staff for an immediate project. You also should hire an IT consultant if you are experiencing business stagnation due to outdated technology.

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