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Our team of skilled IT specialists is here to streamline your procurement process, from identifying world-class technology products to negotiating contracts and managing vendor relationships. Our experts have the experience to source and customise the latest technology at a competitive cost to improve profitability and overall efficiency. 

We understand the importance of a strong relationship with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of goods and services and have cultivated long-standing trusted partnerships with world-leading technology suppliers to ensure you get the most from your investments. Our team manages supplier relationships on behalf of our clients, ensuring that communication and processes remain smooth throughout the procurement cycle.

Let alltasksIT help you gain a competitive advantage in your industry by optimising procurement for you.

Our end-to-end procurement services provide your organisation with cutting-edge technology backed by local support to ensure you get the most out of your hardware and software without breaking the bank.


We identify reliable suppliers for IT hardware, software, and services based on your specific needs and budget.


We are experienced in negotiating the best terms and pricing with suppliers, including warranties, maintenance agreements, and service level agreements (SLAs).

Vendor management

We manage relationships with vendors to ensure contract compliance, timely delivery, and resolution of any issues or disputes.

Contract management

Ensuring that all contracts are clearly defined and aligned with the client’s requirements and that contract terms are adhered to throughout the procurement process.

Risk management

We identify potential risks associated with IT procurement, such as cybersecurity risks, and implement measures to mitigate these.

Lifecycle management

We manage the entire IT procurement process, from initial planning to asset disposal, including procurement planning, inventory management, and asset tracking.

Maximise your IT investments: 8 benefits of alltasksIT procurement services

By partnering with us, your business can reap the rewards of cost savings, access to expertise, risk management, compliance, and lifecycle management. Let our experienced team handle the procurement process, freeing up your time to focus on what matters most – your core operations.

Save money

We have the expertise and technology vendor partnerships to source and negotiate the best prices for hardware, software, and services, helping your business to save money.

Save time

By taking care of the entire procurement process, including vendor, contract, and lifecycle management, we free up time to focus on doing what you do best.

Access to instant expertise

Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the latest technology trends and solutions, providing your business access to the latest products and services that align with your business goals.

Quality not quantity

Our team identifies and evaluates the quality of IT solutions, ensuring that your business receives high-quality products and services that eliminate any trial and error purchasing of technology

Reduce risk

We identify potential risks associated with IT procurement, such as cybersecurity risks, and implement measures to mitigate these risks before they damage your business or reputation.


As Australian IT experts, we ensure that all procurement processes comply with relevant government laws and regulations, avoiding potential legal and financial issues.

Vendor management

We manage relationships with vendors to ensure timely delivery,  compliance with contracts, and dispute resolution. We leverage our trusted partnerships to ensure you get the best from your tech.

Lifecycle management

We manage your entire IT procurement process, from initial planning to asset disposal, ensuring that you will always have a clear understanding of your IT can effectively manage it over time.

Our procurement services

Our local specialists manage procurement for a range of world-class hardware and software products to ensure your team has the best technology, and trusted support to help you achieve your business goals.


We source the ideal hardware for your business’ unique needs and budgetary requirements. Our specialists purchase, optimise and deploy the required hardware needed to achieve your business goals.


We procure servers that provide fast, secure connectivity to the internet and data. We know which servers will help your workforce thrive. Servers are a vital component of a hybrid network that leverages both on-premises and cloud servers.


We provide secure and affordable storage solutions, including iSCSI SAN (Storage Area Network). We work directly with world-leading brands such as HPE, IBM, Dell, Microsoft and Red Hat to deliver the best storage option for your needs.


We provide Preventative Maintenance as a monthly service. Our staff protect the procured software and its associated data from security breaches and outages. We implement updates so that these programs can run smoothly.

Asset disposal and recycling

Our experts help to responsibly dispose of broken computer hardware, carefully remove data-sensitive storage devices and sustainably recycle materials


Our specialists procure hardware and software to implement the best wireless network and connectivity for businesses. We select the most cost-effective products when setting up a WAN network or connecting a business to the cloud.

Networking / Switching / Firewall

We procure networking devices, software and switches for a customised approach that caters to your operational needs. We secure your network with a variety of world-leading firewall options.

Licensing (Microsoft, Veeam, Barracuda)

We leverage our trusted partnerships with Microsoft, Veeam and Barracuda to ensure your licensing is up-to-date and cost effective, while eliminating any surprise charges or changes.


alltasksIT procured software to innovate a busy menswear store

Rafti, a busy menswear store, experienced the efficiency problems often faced by small business using traditional paper-based accounting methods. They had a time-consuming process for ordering and receiving stock. 

alltasksIT procured software that modernised the processes at Rafti. Leveraging our partnership with Microsoft, we sourced the right technology for the right price, empowering the Rafti team to save time and money in their operations. 

Discover how Rafti overcame their issues, while saving time and money in the process through automating and streamlining operations to become a modernised version of the legacy business. 


The new approvals workflows save us a minimum of three hours of staff time per week.

Frequently Asked Questions

IT procurement is the process of acquiring IT hardware, software, and services for a business. It is important to ensure cost-effectiveness, quality, and compliance with industry regulations.

IT procurement services leverage their expertise and market knowledge to negotiate better prices and terms with vendors, resulting in significant cost savings for businesses.

IT procurement risks include cybersecurity breaches, non-compliance with laws and regulations, and vendor disputes. They can be mitigated through risk assessment, contract management, and vendor oversight.

IT procurement services can help manage the IT lifecycle by providing expert advice on asset management, disposal, and upgrade planning, all while ensuring cost-effectiveness and quality.

Look for IT procurement services that offer tailored solutions, industry expertise, vendor management, risk management, and lifecycle management. You should also consider cost-effectiveness and client testimonials.

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