Mushroom Group harmonise IT systems to amplify communication and collaboration

Introducing Mushroom Group

Mushroom Group has been a renowned institution for Australian and New Zealand independent music and entertainment for almost half a century, leading the industry alongside their 35+ specialist brands and companies. They provide international and domestic touring, booking agencies, record labels, merchandising, music publishing, creative and marketing services, venues, exhibition and events production, and film and television production, to name a few of their specialities. The bottom line: If you have attended a great gig, exhibition or music festival in the region over the last fifty years, it likely had the fingerprints of Mushroom Group and its brands.

The situation

With over 35 successful brands in the group spread across multiple states and countries, all with diverse needs and siloed data, the Mushroom Group was challenged by collaboration and communication complexities greater than most. Although they operated across multiple locations, Mushroom’s IT department is located in only two and needed to cater to everyone’s differing software and systems. Mushroom Group needed a streamlined IT solution to unblock those challenges, improve staff productivity and collaboration, and bring cross-departmental benefits to its diverse brand and company network.

alltasksIT provides managed IT solutions and project deployments to a range of Australian companies nationally, across a number of industries. We have a team of highly skilled engineers and project managers who add value to our clients every day; both large companies and SME’s.

Enter alltasksIT

alltasksIT took on the challenge of resolving these issues. Much like Mushroom Group, they are an Australian home-grown success story. Since its inception in 1989, alltasksIT has established itself as an Australian expert in delivering IT transformations through world-class technology, backed by experienced and trusted local support.

Their solution focused on deploying and optimising the use of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power BI, Power Automate and the Office 365 suite to achieve Mushroom Group’s vision of a streamlined, collaborative operation without the limitations of borders and silos.

While Microsoft’s power suite of tools would do the heavy lifting of this transformation on the technology side of the project, alltasksIT knew that this was only half the equation as staff adoption and education would be needed to achieve Mushroom Group’s goals.

Guided training workshops were essential to ensure the IT readiness of the end-users. The workshops included consultations with key stakeholders and identifying and training team champions to assist in the adoption of the Microsoft solutions. These approaches maintained end-user satisfaction throughout the onboarding process and well after it.


Like many of Mushroom Group’s artists, the Microsoft solutions were a hit! The project took the group’s communications, collaboration and IT business systems to the next level. It enabled them to deliver a modern workplace and its many benefits to its team far and wide.

They could now securely collaborate anywhere, at any time on their chosen device without
limitations, with data seamlessly accessible between the groups.

Internal communications are now a simple, streamlined procedure that allows the dedicated Mushroom Group team to focus on maintaining their position as leaders in the entertainment industry, even when they are on the road for a tour or festival.

The Microsoft 365 suite and its rich cloud-based tools have reduced the need for third-party applications and disparate systems between teams and have eliminated shadow IT scenarios from their equation. Their internal IT team now finds managing and protecting the organisation’s systems much easier.

Mushroom Group can now focus on the future and successfully grow alongside its digital transformation journey.

alltasksIT managed services solution was also able to detect pain points of which management were unaware.

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