Phish Proof as a Service

Boost your team’s cyber security awareness with our user-friendly phishing test

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Phishing attacks pose a significant threat to Australian businesses, with bad actors improving their tactics to trick individuals into divulging sensitive information. To prevent them, it’s crucial for business and IT leaders to prioritise employee awareness.

That’s where alltasksIT’s Phish Proof Training services come in. Our experts educate your staff on the latest phishing tactics and teach them how to recognise suspicious requests. Our training covers various topics, from identifying phishing emails to understanding social engineering techniques and responding to suspected phishing attempts.

The ultimate defence against phishing attacks:
alltasksIT's Phish Proof as a Service.

Don’t let cybercriminals reel in your employees with their phish hooks. 
Equip them with the right tools to avoid potential threats and defend your organisation.

Ease the burden

Our automated phishing simulation and training platform does not require ongoing admin from you. Our platform handles everything, reducing your IT and HR burden and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Engaging cyber training

Our training is short, convenient, relevant, and memorable. Developed by experts, our phishing and cybersecurity courses are enjoyable and informative, helping your team retain and apply the knowledge.

Cyber capability building

Our training empowers teams, prevents cyber attacks and protects your businesses. Mock-attack exercises, and positive reinforcement help staff change risky behaviours.

See the results

Our at-a-glance analytics cover campaign progress, risk profiles, staff performance, trends, and improvements. Gain access to comprehensive and easy-to-understand data to improve your company’s cybersecurity.

Local experts, global protection

Enjoy peace of mind with our world-class platform, designed by Australians and hosted on Australian cloud servers. With onshore support, we’re always within easy reach to provide assistance when needed.

Don't let phishing attacks hook your team. Reel in your security risks with alltasksIT's expert training. Talk to us today.