Airlock Digital

The Secure Allowlisting Solution

Airlock Digital is an Australian-based cybersecurity company that provides cutting-edge endpoint protection solutions to organizations, allowing them to implement rapid, scalable allowlisting and execution control. Their focus is on reducing harmful security attacks by ensuring that only trusted files, applications, and processes are allowed to run.

Airlock makes it easy to create and manage secure allowlists in dynamic computing environments. Unlike traditional antivirus software, Airlock only allows files that have been deemed trustworthy to run. This means that if a file is not on the allowlist, it cannot run, no matter whether it is known to be good, bad, or unknown. This prevents malicious code from running on your system and causing damage.

Airlock Digital

What is Allowlisting?

Allowlisting is an application control technique that mitigates harmful security attacks by permitting only trusted files, applications, and processes to execute. This method aids organizations in obstructing unauthorized activities that have the potential to instigate a harmful attack, fortifying their perimeter security. Airlock Digital’s allowlisting identifies known files, applications, or processes and grants them permission to execute, while limiting or blocking unknown activities, preventing them from spreading within a system or environment and initiating an attack.

Features and Benefits of Airlock Digital

Workflow-Based Allowlisting

Airlock manages the trust of files through an intuitive workflow, rather than a large and hard-to-manage “firewall style” ruleset, making deployment, operation, and maintenance easier than ever before.

Real-Time Reporting, Detection, and Response

Airlock provides centralised visibility over all files within an organisation, allowing security teams to discover when a file was first seen in the environment, where it came from, and how it was executed. Files can be centrally queried, making it a perfect solution for security operations teams.

Lightweight and Effective

Airlock has been developed by security professionals to solve real-world problems with allowlisting, so it is designed to be lightweight and effective. The Airlock Enforcement Agent is lean, with small policy sizes and minimal impact on endpoint resources across Windows, Linux, and macOS. Trust definitions are strictly within control of the administrator, with no regular agent definitions provided by a third party, enabling the solution to operate entirely without an internet connection if required.

Prevent Ransomware and Targeted Cyber Intrusions

As each customer makes decisions regarding what files they trust in-house, each deployment is unique. This prevents cybercriminals from testing their attacks or modifying their code to avoid detection, making Airlock an excellent solution to prevent ransomware and targeted cyber intrusions.

Meet Security Compliance

Airlock is recognised as a leading security strategy by government agencies around the world to prevent targeted cyber intrusions. It also assists compliance with PCI-DSS and HIPAA. Airlock exceeds compliance requirements, even when placed against the strictest standards, such as the Australian Signals Directorate Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents and the NIST Guide to Application Whitelisting.

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