What makes our Managed Services and Monitoring different?

alltasksIT has invested heavily in setting up our extensive IT monitoring and maintenance services, we believe this sets us apart from other IT companies.

Below is a list of the tasks we undertake:

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Microsoft Windows Servers:

Online State

All server OS systems are monitored for their ability to connect to the Internet. If they don’t check in to our monitoring system for longer than 10 straight minutes, a Priority 1 ticket is created.

Microsoft Event Log Monitoring

All Errors from Specific Sources

  • Active Directory / Replication
  • DHCP / DNS
  • Group Policy
  • Terminal Services
  • Kerberos Key Distribution Centre
  • VMware Tools


Monitoring of System and Application logs for sets of hand-picked events based on historical log analysis across all customers and platforms across three categories.

  • Single occurrence
  • 30+ occurrences per day
  • 200+ occurrences per day


Services Monitoring

Services are automatically restarted, and tickets are created for all failed start, crash and unresponsive events

Microsoft Services

  • Active Directory / DHCP / DNS
  • Exchange
  • IIS,   SQL,   DFS
  • Print Spooler
  • Navision
  • Third-party Services
    • Blackberry Services & Mail Marshal
    • Agreement itemized third-party services


  • Low Disk Space – Windows alerts on any volume with 10 GB free
  • Disk Errors – Disk surface, structure or predictive failure events
    • RAID Controller Events on physical Windows Servers


Security Group Membership Changes

  • NTFS Permission Changes on specific shared folders

Performance Monitoring

  • Base Server Performance
    • Available RAM
    • CPU Usage
  • Print Services
  • Print Queue Length
  • DNS
    • Dynamic Updates Received per Second
    • Total Queries Received per Second
    • Total Responses Sent per Second
  • Disk
    • 20% / 10% / 5% Disk Space Free Alerts
    • 750 MB Free Alerts
  • Exchange
    • Exchange 2003 Queue Length
    • Exchange 2007 Queue Length
  • Exchange 2010 – 16 Different Performance Counters
  • Distributed File Systems (DFS
    • Replication Back-log


Disk Checks

  • Automatic File System Integrity checks on System Drive

Patch Management

  • Installation of Windows, Office and SQL hotfixes after patches are tested on a subset of devices across all customers.
  • Customers have a range of options for restarting Servers and Workstations after patch deployment.


Backup Monitoring

Dedicated monitoring for both Failure events and missing Success events for a variety of popular products. Most products can be monitored on request.

    • ShadowProtect / ImageManager
    • Veeam
    • vRanger / BackupExec / System Recovery
    • Offsite USB or FTP Replication

Event Log Monitoring of Failure Events

  • SQL Backup and Maintenance Schedule
  • Windows 7 and Windows 8 Backup

Anti-virus Monitoring

Monitoring of AV Services, Detections, Updates

  • Kaspersky
  • Trend Micro
  • AVG Professional
  • Other vendors added as required

Microsoft Windows Workstations

Weekly Scheduled After-hours Maintenance for all vPro enabled Workstations

  • Patch Installation
  • Temp Files Clean-up
  • Disk Defragmentation

Low Disk Space warnings

Hard Disk Error Alerting

Performance Monitoring

  • Available RAM
  • CPU Utilization

Patch Management

  • Windows and Office Hotfixes

Anti-virus application monitoring as above

Non-Windows Devices

Service Polling

  • Web Services
  • Mail Services
  • Database Availability
  • Directory Services
  • Network Services including Ping, RADIUS, FTP, SSH2, Telnet, TFTP
    Performance monitoring and alerting of any device that supports SNMP performance counters


Fault Alerting of any device that supports the following protocols

  • SNMP Traps
  • CIM Providers
  • Syslog


Examples include

  • VMware vCenter and ESX Hosts
  • UPS’s with SNMP Cards
  • Managed Switches
  • Routers / Firewalls
  • SANs
  • Wireless Access Points

Results from a user specified console commands can be alerted upon for devices that support SSH such as Linux and Unix.



Full auditing and reporting functionality on all Windows OS devices and software.


Remote Support

Session Sharing

  • Windows and Macintosh PC’s can be connected to without action from the User although you can also request that we require the Ok from the User before the connection is established.

Server Remote Sessions

  • Servers can be connected without ending the Console session or preventing onsite staff from working on the server.

Remote Diagnostics

  • PC’s and Servers can be diagnosed remotely without interrupting the Users work. We can look at the Event Viewer, Registry Editor, File Manager, Command Shell and Task Manager.

Optional Features

Software Deployment and Update

Centrally managed deployment and automated updates of a wide range of free software products including:

  • Web Browsers including Chrome and Firefox
  • Documents including Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, CutePDF and PDF Creator
  • Runtimes including Flash, Java and Silverlight
  • Media including iTunes, QuickTime and VLC
  • Messaging including Skype
  • Online Storage including Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive
  • And many others… Evernote, Google Earth, Teamviewer…

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