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Avocor Interactive Touch Screens are Microsoft Teams Approved.

The world’s first Windows collaboration display certified for Microsoft Teams

Today’s modern business environments thrive on ‘we-centric’ work and technology has a huge role in bringing teams together to be more productive. Interactive displays play a vital part to support teamwork, either together in a shared meeting space or bringing people together from remote locations, enabling effective collaboration and improving team engagement.

65″ E Series

The E6520 from Avocor introduces cutting-edge lightweight LED technology on a 4K IR interactive display. The 65” display comes with ultra-thin, 2mm optically bonded glass delivers up to 20-points of incredibly fast touch using Avocor Intelligent Touch, creating a collaborative environment that’s perfect for huddle spaces, instantly.

75" E Series

E7520 interactive display includes first-to-market features such as 2mm optically bonded glass and no gap between the display and the glass, delivering a smooth and precise writing experience with up to 20-points of ultra-fast touch. Pen aware functionality differentiates easily between the pen, finger and palm, giving a superior writing and inking experience. The 75” display comes with 4K screen resolution, producing visually stunning content that is pixel-perfect with superb accuracy, making the E7520 ideal for every meeting and learning environment.

86" E Series

The E8620 integrates 2mm optically bonded glass into a 86”, 4K interactive display, producing a visually stunning interactive experience. Collaboration is incredibly natural with up to 20 x touch points, while users will enjoy the superior writing and inking performance from the fine-tip passive pen and object recognition which easily identifies between pen, finger and palm for a smooth transition experience. Optimized for Windows 10, the E8620 includes edge swipe functionality, while the anti-glare and anti-fingerprint glass provides a smooth surface that is just like using a giant, 86” tablet.

65″ F Series

At 65”, the Avocor F6550 represents the smallest size in the F50 range and is the perfect size for the huddle space and classroom. Experience the very latest in touch screen technology that delivers a superior writing experience with pixel perfect annotations truly enhances small group collaboration.

75" F Series

The Avocor F7550 display combines optically bonded, 2mm glass with a 4K screen resolution to create a  75”, collaborative, interactive display solution that inspires creativity and productivity.

86" F Series

The largest size in the Avocor F50 family, the 86” F8650 is completely platform agnostic, working seamlessly with Unified Communications tools and devices to create a collaborative environment that is perfect for the executive meeting space, conference room and lecture hall. Large enough to share content while seeing your remote team members.

Optionally add integrated PC plus QuickLaunch Software

Integrated PC and QuickLaunch

Quicklaunch 4.0 introduces the ability to use both Exchange and Google Calendar to create your choice of meeting rooms. Create meetings using Skype for Business, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and many more that not only supports your preferred meeting platform but can host meetings from the multiple vendors. The Quicklaunch™ application is a simple and secure meeting room interface that provides multi-platform integration to transform any PC into a one-click meeting space. Quicklaunch Supports Over 30 Conferencing Providers for One Touch Join including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, Cisco Spark, WebEx, Blue Jeans, Lifesize, Go To Meeting, Google Hangouts, and more. Create an Interactive Meeting Room Experience with the ability to join multiple types of meetings, start applications, launch websites, access your data, share devices and more.

Consider adding a Logitech Meetup and or Teams Room Solution

All-in-one conferencecam with an ultra-wide lens for small rooms Front-of-room alignment of voice and video is just the first step to natural conversations. RightSound™ technologies include a beamforming mic array that captures speech, while auto-leveling louder and softer voices and suppressing noise.

Optionally add integrated PC plus QuickLaunch Software

ClickShare CX-50 allows you to use your preferred conferencing tool and start a meeting from your device, providing an immersive conferencing experience with exceptional audio-visual quality. Connecting to conference room audio-visual peripherals via USB is automatic, meaning you don’t waste valuable time trying to connect to cameras or soundbars in the meeting, conference or boardroom.

Tap Into Microsoft Meetings with One Click

Transform any space to a Teams meeting with one-touch join, easy content sharing, and center of room control.

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