From Startup to Success: How alltasksIT Empowered Wallace's Rapid Expansion

Introducing Wallace

At alltasksIT, we are proud to collaborate with innovative companies like Wallace, who are at the forefront of developing modular and sustainable buildings. With a strong focus on urbanisation and developer technologies, Wallace aims to empower communities to live, collaborate, and create in environmentally friendly ways.

Wallace is a visionary company that has been making waves in the construction and property development industry since its establishment in late 2020. Founded by forward-thinking individuals who are passionate about sustainable living, Wallace has quickly gained recognition for its groundbreaking solutions.

Driven by their mission to develop self-sufficient cities, Wallace has been developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies. Their expertise lies in designing and building housing solutions that enable rapid construction at a low cost, revolutionising the way communities can thrive. By harnessing innovative approaches, they have successfully created modular buildings that are not only sustainable but also adaptable to various environments.

With a strong foundation in technology and a team of dedicated professionals, Wallace has experienced remarkable growth over the past few years. Starting as a small team of 15 employees, they have expanded their workforce to nearly 100 individuals, with plans for further expansion. This rapid growth is a testament to the market demand for their sustainable solutions and the expertise they bring to the industry.

“We faced the challenge of scaling up without a dedicated IT person. Hiring someone with the diverse skills needed seemed near impossible. That's when Sean and his team from alltasksIT stepped in. They offered a complete solution - from security to automation, accounts management to set up. It was a game-changing deal for us."

The situation

In the bustling world of sustainable building and property development, Wallace had set its sights on revolutionising the industry with their innovative sustainable infrastructure and modular construction solutions. As the demand for sustainable buildings and green property development skyrocketed, Wallace found itself catapulted into a period of increased demand, rapid growth and expansion.

However, with this rise came a slew of challenges, particularly in the realm of IT infrastructure. As Wallace’s team expanded, their existing systems began to strain under the weight of their ambitious goals. It became clear that their current IT setup was ill-equipped to support their expanding operations and evolving needs.

Recognising the critical nature of robust IT infrastructure and the necessity for scalable solutions, Wallace embarked on a quest to find an IT provider capable of navigating their unique requirements. Their search led them to alltasksIT, a renowned company specialising in comprehensive IT services and solutions.

However, the challenges didn’t end there. The rise in cybersecurity threats cast a shadow of concern over Wallace’s operations. The HR team was particularly anxious about the potential repercussions of a data breach, including the exposure of employee information.

"Drawing from past experiences, we understood that migrations of this scale often encountered roadblocks. With alltasksIT by our side, not only did we plan for the worst, but they actively collaborated with us to ensure seamless execution. Their commitment to rolling back any issues and implementing fail-safe measures was exceptional. With alltasksIT, we were ready for anything that came our way, and their unwavering support exceeded our expectations."

Enter alltasksIT

With a team of technical experts, alltasksIT is well-versed in the complexities of managing IT infrastructure during periods of rapid growth. alltasksIT understands the intricate balance between scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness that is essential for companies like Wallace. The alignment of our technical expertise with Wallace’s specific needs made alltasksIT the ideal partner for overcoming the IT challenges that lay ahead.

Together, Wallace and alltasksIT embarked on a collaborative journey to revamp and fortify Wallace’s IT infrastructure. The goal was to create a seamless, scalable, and secure environment that could accommodate the company’s explosive growth while laying the foundation for sustainable success.

The first hurdle to tackle was the migration of Wallace’s systems to a more robust and scalable platform. alltasksIT’s technical team swiftly recommended harnessing the power of the Microsoft ecosystem, with its comprehensive suite of tools and technologies. They meticulously planned and executed the migration, ensuring a smooth transition of emails, accounts, and critical data. The result was a powerful and efficient IT ecosystem that provided Wallace with enhanced control, scalability, and compliance with industry standards.

Additionally, alltasksIT’s dedicated team of experts provided ongoing support and assistance, ensuring that Wallace had access to the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate complex IT challenges and they continued to expand. alltasksIT’s cybersecurity package, including regular audits, vulnerability assessments, and proactive threat mitigation, instilled confidence in Wallace’s data security and minimised the risk of breaches. Through a comprehensive approach and commitment to excellence, alltasksIT revolutionised Wallace’s IT infrastructure, enabling them to focus on their core mission of creating sustainable and self-sufficient communities.


Working with alltasksIT has given Wallace peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives. alltasksIT’s scalable and dynamic pricing structure ensures that Wallace only pays for the services used, making it a cost-effective solution for their growing company. With access to a wide range of technical expertise, Wallace can rely on alltasksIT to provide the knowledge and support they need, precisely when they need it.

The migration to the Microsoft ecosystem has significantly improved Wallace’s efficiency, control, and compliance. Through alltasksIT’s efforts, Wallace’s employees seamlessly transitioned to the new system, providing the company with a powerful, scalable IT infrastructure. The expertise and attention to detail displayed by the  alltasksIT team has solidified Wallace’s confidence in their ability to meet their evolving needs.

Furthermore, alltasksIT has alleviated Wallace’s concerns and enhanced their overall cybersecurity posture. alltasksIT’s ongoing cybersecurity package ensures that Wallace’s systems are regularly audited and fortified against potential threats.

The collaboration with alltasksIT has been instrumental in helping Wallace overcome IT challenges and position themselves for sustainable growth. By entrusting their IT needs to alltasksIT, Wallace has gained access to a wealth of expertise and support, enabling them to focus on their core mission of creating self-sufficient communities worldwide. The level of service, scalability, and cost-effectiveness alltasksIT offers make them an invaluable partner for Wallace as they continue their journey toward building a better future.

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