Will the cloud change my role as an IT Manager?

Cloud technologies are increasing in popularity within organisations at a rapid rate. This shift from on-site internal IT managed infrastructure to off-site Service Provider Managed infrastructure, is likely to see a change in the IT Manager’s role within an organisation. Cloud computing leads to a reduction in the time required for IT Managers to undertake technical support such: desktop monitoring, recovering of devices, systems monitoring, server management, and backup processes.  The reduction in time allocated to these tasks, is likely to free up time for IT Managers to play a larger role in strategic IT, and Management Planning.

We are likely to see a move towards IT Managers working, more closely with management to improve workplace processes, through IT efficiency initiatives, which improve workplace efficiency. Many IT Managers will see this as a stepping stone towards senior management. In essence an IT Managers will become more aligned with the role of a CIO. IT Managers will be required to make important decisions in relation to IT Procurement, systems, and IT efficiency.

The cloud will in no way remove the role of an IT Manager, it will simply redefine the role. It is therefore important for IT Managers, to stay up to date with the latest IT trends, in addition to developing a high level of both technical, and management skills. A reallocation of the role will lead to the role of an IT Manager as a leaders within an organisation, who make important decisions which drive the organisation forward. In essence, IT Managers will become IT Project and change Managers.

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