Managed Services Melbourne

alltasksIT offer a comprehensive range of Melbourne based Managed Services Solutions tailored specifically to meet your organisation’s requirements. We work collaboratively with our client’s to deliver vendor agnostic solutions which reduce cost, increase efficiency and improve operations. Packages are delivered through a fixed monthly pricing model to ensure financial certainty and transparency.

Our team of qualified technicians proactively monitor your organisations IT infrastructure to prevent potential problems before they arise. We believe that taking a proactive approach to IT support reduces the costs and downtime associated with reactive troubleshooting.

Proactive network monitoring includes:

Managed Services Melbourne

Is your Server online?

All servers are monitored for their ability to connect to the Internet. If they don’t check in to our monitoring system for longer than 10 straight minutes, an urgent ticket is created.

Microsoft Event Log Monitoring

All Errors from Specific Sources, Active Directory / Replication, DHCP / DNS, Group Policy, Terminal Services, Kerberos Key Distribution Center, VMware Tools.

Services Monitoring

We monitor all important Windows services, services are automatically restarted, and tickets are created for all failed start, crash and unresponsive events.

Performance Monitoring

Base Server Performance, Available RAM, CPU Usage,
Print Service, Print Queue Length, DNS ,Disk, 20% / 10% / 5% Disk Space Free
Alerts, 750 MB Free Alerts, Exchange 2003 Queue Length, Exchange 2007, Queue
Length, Exchange 2010 – 16 Different Performance Counters, Distributed File
Systems (DFS), Replication Back-log.

Server Maintenance

Disk Checks, Automatic File System Integrity checks on System Drive, Patch Management, Installation of Windows, Office and SQL hotfixes after patches are tested on a subset of devices across all customers. Customers have a range of options for restarting Servers and Workstations after patch deployment.

Are your backups working?

Dedicated monitoring for both Failure events and
missing Success events for a variety of popular products. Most products can be
monitored on request. ShadowProtect / ImageManager, Veeam, vRanger, BackupExec
/ System Recovery, Offsite USB or FTP Replication, Event Log Monitoring of
Failure Events, SQL Backup and Maintenance Schedule, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Anti-virus Monitoring

Monitoring of AV Services, Detections, updates.

Microsoft Windows Workstations

Weekly Scheduled After-hours Maintenance for all
vPro enabled Workstations


Full auditing and reporting functionality on all Windows OS devices and software.

Remote Support

Session Sharing

Windows and Macintosh PC’s can be connected to by alltasksIT engineers without action from the User.

Server Remote Sessions

Servers can be connected to by alltasksIT support personnel without ending the Console session or preventing users from working on the server.

Remote Diagnostics

PC’s and Servers can be diagnosed remotely without interrupting the ssers work. Tools include Event Viewer, Registry Editor, File Manager, Command Shell and Task Manager



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