Are We Ready for 100% Cloud Based Business?

  Just like the pundits predicted, cloud computing is the Next Big Thing in IT. Google’s new Chromebook 11, Dropbox, Adobe’s Creative Cloud – cloud computing is going mainstream. Theoretically, you could run an entire business in the cloud alone, making huge savings on computing costs and promoting mobility.   But can it really done?[…]

How Virtualisation Can Save Money

  Following on from our beginner’s guide to virtualisation, we thought it would be a good idea to explore a bit further exactly how implementing virtualisation can save your business money.   The extra initial up-front capital investment in software has traditionally made virtualisation the preserve of bigger business, but the falling costs of hardware[…]

Why Data Security Software is Not Enough?

As our businesses become more data driven, and our assets information based, cyber security becomes more important by the day. Investing in robust security solutions is important, but that’s not the end of the story. Comprehensive protection comes from taking an active role in your company’s security. The size of the problem In a recent[…]

How to Use Sharepoint as a Communication Tool

  Microsoft Sharepoint is about more than documents and annual leave requests. It can function as a highly effective internal communication tool that encourages collaboration and relationships within and between departments, closes the gap between management and workers and provides a centralised, lasting knowledge base.   Let’s take a look at a few of the[…]

Writing a Disaster Recovery Plan

  The only way to effectively recover from an IT disaster is to have a detailed plan in place. Firstly because disaster recovery requires preparative procedures carried out on a regular basis, and secondly because the last thing you need in a disaster is to come up with solutions on the fly.   But where[…]

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Firewall

  Did you know that if you connect an unprotected PC to the internet it will most likely be affected with malicious software such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware within only 60 minutes? Because of the interconnected nature of the web it is impossible to go online without being exposed to some kind[…]

5 Ways Big Data Makes Us Smarter

You might’ve heard people talk about it, seen people tweet about it or read articles about it. We’re talking about the buzzword (or fuzzword) that has been on everyone’s lips lately: ‘BIG data’. However, we dare to claim that most people don’t really know what big data means and how it can help us. To[…]