The Importance of Network Monitoring

Network monitoring involves monitoring a computer network using hardware or software to both maintain network speed and health. The monitoring system scans a computer network for potential problems, usage and performance. A network administrator, or IT service provider is then notified of aspects which require attention. Network monitoring is an important business strategy in ensuring[…]

What is a Dell SonicWALL?

A firewall is an essential barrier for your company’s computer network. It enables safe access to the internet in addition to protection from hackers, viruses and malware. alltasksIT recommends the Dell’s Next Generation Firewall, the SonicWALL to protect your businesses IT systems. Dell SonicWALL Protects against viruses, spam, spyware and intrusions. Comparison figures compared to[…]

How does Disc based backup work?

How does Disc based backup work? Many businesses choose to utilise disc based backup to maintain copies of company data. Disc backup can occur onsite within a WAN network, or offsite within a cloud solution. In addition, many businesses choose to add a tape drive as an extra level of redundancy. Disc backup enables both[…]

How Cloud backup improves business efficiency?

Cloud backup can have many business benefits to your organisation including, faster recovery windows, and lower hardware and power costs. However, one factor which is often forgotten is the significant improvement in efficiency which cloud computing can bring to an organisation. Cloud backup is a method of data backup which involves sending business information over[…]