The importance of firewall solutions?

A firewall protects your business computer network from both internal and external threats. It controls incoming and outgoing traffic based on a set of determined rules rule set. This prevents malicious code and programs from potentially damaging computer systems. Firewalls come in two forms hardware and software. When accessing the Internet, information reaches your computer[…]

Are AWS and Azure the same?

  Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s Web Services are two most popular choices for business cloud computing. AWS got a head start, commencing operations in 2006, whereas Azure entered the market 2010. While Amazon gained a large head start through early entry into the market, Azure is slowly bridging the gap. Both Azure and AWS offer[…]

What is email archiving and how can it benefit my business?

Email is the most utilised communication tool within the vast majority of businesses. It is, therefore, necessary to implement effective email practices. Archiving is an important step in creating a more efficient and organised company. Email archiving is the process of utilising hardware and software that is designed to sort, index, and store the contents[…]

Dell PowerEdge 13th Generation

Dell recently released their 13th generation of its PowerEdge server range, PowerEdge FX architecture. PowerEdge FX enables you to scale your data center resources incrementally, as required to meet workload demands. Its modular architecture is scalable, to fit any IT environment and support legacy or modern IT infrastructure on a single platform. IT building blocks[…]

Will the cloud change my role as an IT Manager?

Cloud technologies are increasing in popularity within organisations at a rapid rate. This shift from on-site internal IT managed infrastructure to off-site Service Provider Managed infrastructure, is likely to see a change in the IT Manager’s role within an organisation. Cloud computing leads to a reduction in the time required for IT Managers to undertake[…]

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform. Azure provides a combination of integrated services—including computing, storage, data, networking, and apps. A unique combination of managed and unmanaged services lets you build, deploy, and manage applications for increased IT productivity.                     Unlike other cloud providers who make you[…]

Hosting Servers on your own premise Vs a Data Centre

There are a number of considerations to evaluate when choosing to host business server’s onsite or within an offsite data centre environment. While hosting servers within a datacentre is generally considered to be the ideal situation hosting server’s onsite is sometimes the only option. Hosting servers within an offsite commercial data centre requires adequate internet[…]

What is Kaspersky antivirus?

Anti-virus software works to prevent the risk of infection to your businesses computer systems. Infections including Viruses, worms, ransomware, and Trojans, can have a large impact on a business in the form of business inefficiency, data theft, in addition to the cost of replacing infected IT infrastructure. All businesses should reduce the associated risks through[…]