Are Too Many Emails Slowing Down Your Business?

It is estimated that roughly 145 billion emails are sent worldwide per day.

In the past, organisations often relied on employees to maintain their own individual email archives, which often resulted in a ‘mailbox full’ message when the employee ran out of storage – which was obviously not good for business productivity. The IT department would back up the users’ archives, but the messages weren’t indexed and therefore not searchable and it could actually take weeks for the IT staff to find a specific email.

Having a working email system is essential for most organisations. We send countless emails every day (some of them very important) that need to be stored securely in case we need access to them at a later date.

The answer is Email Archiving where a service provider archives an organisation’s internal and external messages in their data centre, giving you as much storage as you need. Users can easily access the archive and search for emails within MS Outlook or via the browser without having to go through the IT department. Mailboxes can be kept small without limiting your users, your data or your resources.  

There are many more benefits of email archiving, such as the following:

          Users can’t alter or delete messages before they are replicated and stored securely in the data centre.

          Archiving save users time by eliminating the need to delete past messages.

          Every single email will be archived.

          You can save money on storage costs as archiving systems compress messages, remove duplicates and if required, remove them from the system at the end of the retention period.

          The service provider manages retention and destruction periods so your corporate policies are adhered to.

          Unlimited mailboxes for users.

          Improved email server performance by relieving the load on your Exchange server.

          Extremely fast search that allows you to search through large amounts of data and any type of file attachments.

          Emails can be restored with just one click.

          You’ll have access to personal archive through mobile devices.

          Messages are archived in real time, which means they show up in searches almost straight away.

          Email archiving ensures that legislation and compliance issues are adhered to.

If your organisation is being slowed down by too many messages, email archiving might be the right solution for you.

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