What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is a method of data backup which involves sending business information over a network connection, to a remote offsite server managed by a service provider.  The process is handled by software which transfers data between the business, and cloud providers data centre.

Usually a complete copy of a business’s data is sent to the remote server, followed by ongoing incremental data changes. This reduces network traffic and minimises business interruptions. Cloud backup has increased in popularity significantly over the last few years, due to improvements in networking and broadband speeds in Australia. Backing up data to a remote location is an important process in reducing the risk of downtime possible in the case of a business disaster such as fire, theft or computer failure.

Cloud backup has many advantages over traditional tape and hard-drive backup. An important aspect is that the backup process is automated, this reduces the time and hassle of managing tape rotations, and remembering to take media offsite. Cloud backup enables data to automatically be sent offsite over a network connection. In addition, as data can be continuously backed up, the risk of losing days’ worth of data is reduced. However, the most important advantage is the ability to recover data in the event of a disaster, in a much faster timeframe than traditional backup methods.

A cloud provider will generally charge based on the amount of data being backed up. As requirements grow, the service provider will simply increase the amount of disc space utilised for your businesses backups. This scalability eliminates the requirement to continually purchase additional backup tapes to store backed up data. In addition a business no longer needs to purchase expensive hardware such as tape drives and tape backup software.

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