Why should a company implement an email archiving solution?

Email archiving is the process of utilising hardware and software that is designed to sort and index the contents of an organisation’s electronic mail. When an employee deletes an email, it is moved into a designated storage area with read only capabilities.

There are four main reasons to implement an email archiving solution:

1. Compliance: Many industries require that emails are protected against unauthorised use, and maintained for access, by authorised users.

2. Litigation Support: In the event of legal proceedings, retrieving information from an archive is much faster than the time taken to restore, and rebuild, information from a backup.

3. Storage costs: Archiving of email reduces the required server storage space, and hardware, necessary for email retention. Generally archived emails are stored in read only format and have smaller file sizes than those contained within an inbox.

4. Efficiency: A cluttered inbox can often lead to missed emails. Email archiving encourages deletion of emails, which leads to a streamlined inbox. In addition, email archiving improves efficiency through improved search functionality.

Email is the most utilised communication tool within the vast majority of businesses. It is, therefore, necessary to implement effective email practice. Archiving is an important step in creating a more efficient and organised company.

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