What to consider when purchasing a laptop, PC, or 2 in 1 hybrid.

When purchasing a laptop, 2 in 1 hybrid, or PC there are endless models and specifications available which can make process of choosing the right model difficult.

There are three key divisions: a laptop is a portable screen and keyboard combination, a 2 in 1 hybrid contains a keyboard and detachable screen, while a PC is much larger, and generally consists of a desktop and separate monitor.

If you want a computer that is portable and can be moved between offices then you will require a laptop or 2 in 1 hybrid. However if you want a powerful system that is unlikely to be transported then a PC may be more suitable. PC’s are generally more powerful for the same amount of money, however the downside is a lack of mobility.

The most important aspects to consider when purchasing a PC, laptop or 2 in 1 hybrid are:

CPU: The CPU is the processor which controls and operates the device. Generally the more cores a computer has the faster it will perform tasks.

RAM: The space where all of your programs are loaded from.

Graphics Card: Determines visual and gaming quality.

Hard drive: The hard-drive determines how much data can be stored.

Screen size: Usually measured in inches diagonally.

Mobility: Laptops and 2 in 1 hybrids can be transported easily, while a PC is more suited to desk use.

Determining which specification is more important is largely a case of determining the main purpose of the device. Gaming, multimedia, and design, generally require higher quality graphics cards. Business use however, usually requires a large amount of Ram and CPU capacity. While computers used to store large volumes of date require a large hard-drive.

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