Internet Security – am I safe?

As companies continue to improve their operational efficiency through technology based solutions, the power and prevalence of IT security threats becomes increasingly concerning.

The importance of protecting your company from these threats is now obvious to most IT leaders and executive team members; but how do we protect ourselves? More importantly, is what we are doing enough?

To begin exploring these questions, it’s great to start with the Microsoft Online Security Secure Score tool, this tool will help you to understand where you and your company stand in the online security spectrum.

alltasksIT can use this tool within your IT Environment to assess and analyse what has been done to reduce your IT security risks; and more importantly, what you can do to better improve your IT environment’s security.

People are often surprised by the results of this simple tool – as it often uncovers a number of ‘back door’ security threats, which may not have even been considered; things like:Multi-Factor Authentication for key accountsBlocking Outbound Forwarding RulesRemoving unnecessary privileges on Global Admin Accounts

alltasksIT have an expert team of Microsoft certified technicians on hand to guide you through this process and make suggestions on what else you can be doing to ensure you are working securely in the cloud.

Speak to us today about running a risk assessment on your Office 365 environment so you can work with confidence in the cloud.

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