What is Malware?

Malware is any software designed to interrupt computer operation, obtain information, or take control of computer systems.  Malware causes significant costs to business in the form of lost company data, corrupted computer systems, time taken to remove malware and loss of business reputation. All businesses should reduce the associated risks through preventative measures such as antivirus software, installing antivirus updates, and maintaining data backups. Usually Malware enters a computer system through a download on a website or email attachment.

Types of Malware include:

Computer Viruses

Computer viruses replicate copies of itself into other programs in addition to the systems hard-drive. Viruses access private information, corrupt data, and often display messages or spam on a user’s computer.


Unlike a computer Virus which attack only a single computer, worms attack an entire computer network. A computer worm is replicates and then uses a computer network to spread itself onto other computers. Worms affect businesses by consuming bandwidth.


A Trojan, is a type of Malware which contains code, that carries out various actions determined by the programmer of the Trojan. Trojan’s generally cause data loss, in addition to a slowing of computer processes.


Ransomware reduces access a computer system, and demands that money is paid to the creator of the malware program. Upon payment the developer offers to decode the Ransomeware program.


Spyware gathers information about a person or business without their knowledge, it then sends that information back to the creator of the spyware. Spyware is used generally used to access banking information and user passwords.


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