Public vs Private Cloud

The adoption rate for companies utilising Cloud Computing for their IT infrastructure has increased significantly in the past few years. When considering cloud computing it is important however to consider whether your business would be best suited by a public or private cloud model. Both models have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Private cloud

Private cloud is cloud service model where a cloud provider runs individual infrastructure separately for each solely for a single business. This enhances both security, and provides a greater level of customisation. The downside however is the need to purchase expensive hardware and datacentre space.

Public Cloud

A Public cloud service on the other hand is offered as a pay per use service. Multiple client’s applications, software and virtual servers are hosted on host servers and separated by virtual guests. Resources are utilised on demand which reduces the requirement for hardware costs and also results in increased scalability. Due to the reduced hardware requirements public cloud is generally cheaper than private cloud.

Both Public and Private cloud have their individual pros and cons, which should be carefully discussed with an IT service provider before choosing either model.

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