How Rafti Menswear uses SharePoint and Microsoft flow to streamline accounts payable and procurement

The challenge

Rafti, a busy menswear store was experiencing the efficiency problems faced by small business using traditional paper-based accounting methods.

Suppliers make daily deliveries of goods to this retail store. Some suppliers provide shipping dockets and invoices with the goods, others email their invoices. The accounts department could never be sure about the status of each order and invoice.

As a result, the business experienced unnecessary delays in processing, affecting the store’s inventory management. Finalised invoices and signed proof of delivery dockets were manually collated and physically transported for storage at the off-site accounts department. Resourcing this process was costly and created many unnecessary obstacles.

‘Have the goods arrived?’ ‘Did the supplier deliver in full?’

‘Has the invoice been entered into the accounts system?’


Rafti sought an effective solution to keep track of inventory and streamline accounts payable.

Using SharePoint Online with Microsoft Flow has automated and dramatically simplified the accounts payable process.



alltasksIT believe that workflow automation has the potential to reveal new ways of working. These insights can significantly improve your business processes and how the company thinks.

For instance, automated workflows are perfectly suited to meeting your business compliance requirements. Alerts directed to relevant staff to complete specific tasks within set timeframes can be created for repeatable workflow automation. You will always be in control of all your accounts processes.

‘Automation and workflows have saved us time and improved efficiency’

‘Inventory management takes up less of my time. It’s easy to identify where we are at and to have a clear view of where to focus my attention.’

‘The ability to retrieve documents using my smartphone when I’m on the road - and not having to ask other staff to find what I need - has saved me time. Also, I’m not interrupting other staff to drop what they are doing to help me locate purchase orders.’

‘There’s been a significant reduction in duplication errors’

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