Top Tips for protecting your personal accounts – Facebook – Instagram – Snapchat and More

We spend a lot of time talking to businesses about protecting business systems,data and users.

It is just as important to protect your personal accounts, systems and identity.

Please find a quick summary on how to secure some of the more popular applications.  (We used the vendors help guides as the source of this information)

Facebook – Setup MFA

Summary (source facebook help)

Go to Security and Login Settings

Scroll Down to Use two-factor authentication

Choose the security method you want to add and follow on-screen instructions.

Detailed Instructions from facebook help site.

Instagram – Turn on two-factor

  1. Go to your profile and tap , then tap Settings.
  2. Tap Security and then scroll down and tap Two-Factor Authentication.
  3. Tap  next to Authentication App, then tap Set Up Manually. If you don’t see the toggle switch, tap Get Started.
  4. Tap Copy Key below the Instagram key and paste it into your authentication app (example: Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator).
    • Note: You should copy the key code to your clipboard, take a screenshot, or save it in some other way since you won’t be able to access the code again once you’ve finished setting up.
  5. After your Instagram account is linked to your authentication app, copy the 6-digit code your authentication app creates.
  6. Go back to the Instagram app, tap Next and paste the 6-digit code to complete the process on that device.

Full Details and source of above from Instagram

Snapchat Set up two-factor authentication

How two-factor authentication works

Two-factor authentication adds a second login step in addition to your Snapchat username and password.

When two-factor authentication is turned on and you log in on a new device, you’ll be asked to enter a Login Code. Snapchat will send you this Login Code in a text message, or you can get it from a special authenticator app on your device.

Set up two-factor authentication

To start using two-factor authentication, you have to do a quick set-up in the Snapchat app.

To set up two-factor authentication:

  1. Tap ⚙️ in My Profile to open Settings
  2. Tap “Two-Factor Authentication”
  3. Tap “Continue” to finish setting it up!

Further details and source of above:

Google-Gmail – Set up 2-Step Verification

  1. Go to your Google Account.
  2. On the left navigation panel, click Security.
  3. On the Signing in to Google panel, click 2-Step Verification.
  4. Click Get started.
  5. Follow the steps on the screen.

Full details from google support

Xero – MFA

Setup 1. Download an authentication app. Xero suggests Google Authenticator or Authy.

Step 2 – Sync the app with Xero Follow these Xero Central instructions

Step 3 – Logging in to Xero

Next time you logi n to Xero, you’ll need to enter your email and password as usual, then open your autenticator app and enter the passcode to sign in.

Xero Full Details

Zoom – Twitter – Linked In

Security Tips for Zoom sourced from Kaspersky website

Setup MFA with Twitter How to Use two-factor with twitter

Linked In – Setup Guide from Linked In Help Site  Click to open Linked in help guide to setting up two-step verification

Other – Tips to keep your personal devices secure.

  • Updating Windows 10
    • To stay up to date, select the Start  button > Settings  > Update & Security  > Windows Update , and then select Check for updates
  • Do Backups – don’t forget to backup office 365 – dropbox and local stored documents.
  • Backup your phone/ipads if you value your photos.
  • Virus scanning
  • Don’t use the same password for every account.

Further information from Microsoft Support

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