Using Microsoft Sharepoint Syntex to Process Supplier Invoices

What is Microsoft Sharepoint Syntex?

Sharepoint Syntex uses machine learning and AI, which can help automate content processing and convert content into knowledge. It does this by creating AI models. The models can capture, extract and classify information – automatically applying metadata to the data. The AI can capture and tag data, including both structured and unstructured content. Information captured can be integrated into other Microsoft products and services, including products like Power Automate. Power Automate is used to create workflows that leverage the extracted metadata.

How has alltasksIT been using Microsoft Syntex?

Our Accounts Payable team were manually entering invoice data into our systems as they arrive in our inbox. The information included supplier, invoice number and invoice date. Using Syntex, we have removed the manual process and created a new automated one.

The new process involves:

  1. Supplier emails the invoice
  2. Syntex is then used to extract data from the invoice, including:
    • Invoice Number
    • Invoice Date
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Supplier
  3. Once we have extracted the data, we can look up the Purchase Order in our ERP (Connectwise), using the extracted Purchase Order number
  4. Using this connection, we can update the purchase order’s invoice number, invoice date and order status




This new process allows for fewer errors and saves staff time doing repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

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