Using Office 365’s Sharepoint to manage your OH&S

Many companies are now taking advantage of the power of Office 365’s Sharepoint to help streamline their Occupational Health and Safety processes.

The importance of Occupational Health and Safety has grown significantly in recent years, as has the complexity of OH&S processes. To address the new level of difficulty managing and adapting to these changes, companies are now leveraging the power of Office 365’s Sharepoint. Using Sharepoint allows companies to streamline OH&S processes and provide a reliable mechanism to implement procedures and manage the vast array of required OH&S documentation.

Below are a few examples of how Sharepoint is being used to reduce the time and cost involved in managing and implementing OH&S procedures and documentation.

Links to all relevant OH&S information

Forms, Policies, Procedures and other OH&S Documents




Reporting OH&S Incidents and Hazards in the Workplace


Email alerts to OH&S Coordinators when Incidents are entered by staff


Management and display of Induction Videos for Staff

Register of hazards & dangerous goods

Storing and Monitoring Emergency Contacts for OH&S Incidents


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