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Meeting Storage SLAs and Aligning to Business Needs is Cumbersome, vSAN is here to help.

Provisioning and ongoing management of traditional storage is a rigid process, making it difficult to support dynamic application service levels, including operating demands of users within a business.

It requires up-front planning to create pre-configured static pools of capacity with pre-defined performance settings and a particular set of data services – independent from the application.

This hardware-centric, bottoms-up approach leads to inefficient provisioning. Applications are mapped to these fixed pools of capacity in an effort to identify the “best fit” to their requirements.

Performance scaling is not granular, requiring laborious planning and large investment outlays.

Overall, a lack of application awareness from the storage system makes today’s operational model slow to adapt to changes.

AlltasksIT answers the top 5 questions about vSAN and Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

This 2 minute video will explain the 5 most commonly asked questions about this product. If you have any further queries, please be sure to contact us on 03 9312 7444 or email info@alltasks.com.au

Software-Defined Storage: The Evolution of Storage

In order to adequately keep up with the rising stress on the storage infrastructure in our now virtualized world, a new approach is necessary.

The answer is Software-Defined Storage, a new approach to storage that enables a fundamentally more efficient operational model.

With Software-Defined Storage, IT admins can deliver the agility, speed and cost-effective storage solutions needed for today’s virtual environments.

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