Hidden Benefits! What is included with managed IT services?

Our managed service plans simplify the complex, ever-changing IT landscape – so that you can be inspired, harnessing the benefits of new technologies that will drive your business into the future.

Our fixed price managed services give you the options to realistically budget your IT support and to avoid unexpected IT expenses. You can continue to focus on nurturing your business without the need to recruit and train specialist IT personnel as you grow.

Your managed services agreement includes supplementary benefits and advantages, available to you that you may not currently be aware of:

Virtual CIO

A Virtual Chief Information Officer is a cost-effective resource for your business. alltasksIT have the expertise and experience to strategically align your business objectives to your specific IT needs. alltasksIT can serve as your dedicated Virtual CIO or, alternatively, provide specialist support to your internal head of IT. This includes:

  • Set personalised IT & Cloud Strategy
  • Implement digital transformation to streamline operations and optimise business processes
  • Provide specialised support to your IT department to implement sound IT strategies
  • Research and evaluate latest in business system requirements
  • Up to date knowledge of the latest technology trends and issues
  • Technical expertise with knowledge of how these shifts can impact your company
  • Certify IT / Systems / Licensing compliance
  • Evaluate & Assist with communications/data links/network architecture design and selection
  • Help plan & quantify OPEX & CAPEX IT budgets
  • Research & Investigate Cyber Security Health position for the business
  • Leadership in IT security planning and support

Server & Network Management

alltasksIT deliver proactive managed services that keep your servers and network up and running at optimal efficiency. We ensure the performance, security, and reliability of your network around the clock. What we do:

  • Monitoring, maintenance & management of Servers, SAN (Storage Area Network) and equipment
  • Lifecycle management to ensure that you’re not upgrading too early (or too late)
  • Security patch management of server Operating Systems
  • Manage and monitor Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Planning and Integration of Network & Wireless Design
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) monitoring and management
  • Investigate and evaluate prospective software; conduct validation testing
Server and Network Management

IT Helpdesk

alltasksIT can coordinate, support, and arrange your own in-house IT Helpdesk. We can oversee the entire process, from beginning to end, or be consulted, as required to:

  • Assist with recruitment
  • Provide Helpdesk function and engineers
  • Provide guidance on Helpdesk best practice
  • Source and provide IT Helpdesk tools.
  • Desk Director is our new issue tracking system. The advantage of Desk Director is that you can monitor the progress of your IT request in real time.

Office 365 management

Microsoft Office 365 offers an integrated solution with the tools to work in new and innovative ways. alltasksIT design and develop solutions that bring together the best-in-class productivity of Office 365 with advanced security and device management capabilities.

We can help you improve productivity and empower individuals to work smarter. We make the complex simple.

  • Verify office 365 settings
  • Manage Active directory syncing
  • New tool verification, validation and testing when they are released
  • Continual service improvements to optimize Office 365 tenant performance
  • Assist with Adoption, Planning and Training
  • Verify security settings, compliance tools
  • Provide IT support and assistance with office 365 issues (email, Teams, Flow etc)
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Implement email filtering strategies
  • Preventative maintenance checks of your Office 365 tenant
  • Manage and monitor backup and archive of office 365
  • Workshops and Q&A Sessions (if required)

As a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner, you can trust alltasksIT. We can empower your people to work virtually anywhere to improve your customers’ experiences and your business outcomes.

Exposure to unforeseen risks, both internal or external, can present problems and adverse disruptions to your business. alltasksIT uses a centralised systems management environment that consolidates and integrates multilevel security strategies:

  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Monitoring and maintaining the Barracuda service and alerts
  • Escalation point for troubleshooting issues
  • Verifying and tweaking Barracuda settings to reduce spam/phishing attacks
  • Multi-factor authentication systems
  • Firewalls
  • Encryption
  • Up-to-date security patches

Your unique technology environment

Your technology environment is complex – it has the power to drive your business’s capacity to adapt to change and to harness new opportunities. Together, we have evolved with an everchanging business landscape.

We have a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. This knowledge along with our long-standing relationship enables us to proactively anticipate and embrace technologies that provide you with the most cost-effective, best practical outcomes.

alltasksIT strategically prioritise and leverage digital technologies that enable you to remain agile and achieve your business goals, now and into the future.

Your unique technology environment

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