Will the NBN make cloud solutions more attractive?

The NBN will have a large impact on the Australian Business landscape. The regional reach of the NBN will allow: greater communication between rural and metropolitan offices, increased internet speeds up to 100 mb/s, and improve workplace mobility.

In the past cloud computing has been limited by slow connection speeds. Cloud Computing relies on transferring data over a network connection. Slow internet speeds increase the time required for both uploading, and downloading information, which slows the ability of employees to access data required to complete company tasks.

Australia currently has one of the slowest internet networks in the developed world. The NBN will provide service to 93% of the country, and lead to a shift in the way organisations utilise technology.

The largest change will be improved internet speeds to rural offices, which will enable data to be stored in secure metropolitan datacentres. Information will be able to be accessed at a faster speed than a local outdated server. It is also likely that organisation’s will shift from tape backup to online backup due to a greatly reduced backup window and improved data recoverability.

The NBN will have a large influence on the way companies utilise technology. It is important to proactively plan for these changes now. Moving forward the NBN will ensure that cloud IT solutions become a vital part of improved productivity, and cost savings, within Australian businesses.

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