Windows 9: What to Expect.

Microsoft recently leaked videos of screenshots showing glimpses of the latest Windows operating system. German site WinFuture has subsequently revealed a 2 minute video of the new start menu.

A Microsoft event scheduled for the 30th of September is likely to reveal further details, it is expected that Windows 9 with be released in April of 2015.

Microsoft will hope to improve on the difficulties associated with merging together desktop and mobile functionality in Windows 8. Many users struggled with the unfamiliarity modern user interface of Windows 8 compared to previous Windows operating systems.

Recent screenshots show that Windows 9 is likely to see the return of the familiar start menu from Windows 7. However there are also rumours that users will be able to switch between a traditional start menu, and user interface from Windows 8.

A big change is the ability to switch between multiple virtual desktops. This functionality has long been a part of Linux and Mac OS, and initial screenshots show the interface for the Microsoft version will be similar to Linux and Mac’s versions.

While at this stage Microsoft is yet to officially make any statements regarding the functionality of Windows 9, it is expected that the Windows event on September 30 will reveal a number of the key aspects of the OS.

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